Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe Reportedly Ousted Out Of Power After Bloodless Coup D’etat

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Long time Zimbabwean President has been allegedly taken out of power after a coup d'etat by the country's military.

Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace have been taken into custody by the Zimbabwean after a 'bloodless transition' of power. Reports have in that the country's embattled vice-president has returned to the country after exile.

Last night 's military stormed the country's national broadcaster's studios to declare it is 'targeting criminals' amid fears of a coup after reports of explosions and gunfire in the capital. 

Some top members of the Mugabe-led government have been also arrested by the country's military.

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  1. Vickiee

    November 15, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    Damn… Take it easy o