Yvonne Nelson Don Enter Gbege!!!

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When delectable Ghanaian got an ambassadorial deal with Zaron beauty brand in June last year 2013. A lot of us were jubilating for her for such a grand achievement.  The deal which was to last for a year was agreed by both parties that the movie star should exclusively use only Zaron beauty products among other details. According to reports, Yvonne Nelson is being sued for breaching that contract by uploading a picture on her Instagram page which showed her using beauty products by Chanel on a movie set in Nigeria. The Ghanaian actress may soon be facing a law suit in the tune of millions. Stemming from the picture, the actress has come under fire from fans, and concerned persons on .   When Yvonne posted the picture above, she was corrected by fans and asked if she is no longer the face of the Zaron makeup brand as seen in posters and flyers. The actress instead of addressing the allegations, ignored the questions and deleted the comments from her Instagram page. When sources contacted the general manager of Zaron hair and makeup, it was revealed that Yvonne signed an exclusive contract with Zaron and the one year contract which was signed around June last year is still very valid. A reportedly disgruntled company representative had this to say: “Since she came on board Yvonne has failed to carry out the duties she was heavily paid for. She never talks about Zaron products or mentions it on her social media pages where she seems to be very active. With this recent development, the company regrets signing her as ambassador in the first place and feels very cheated” Yvonne Nelson has since taken the picture off her Instagram page.