Your block button is not for decoration. Use it.

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Use it for the retards that jump into your inbox to say 'xup ' 'sexy mama, gimme your numba' etc Use it for the dunces that tell you you've won billions of naira in one scheme or the other. Use it for the wankers that send you chain messages telling you to forward it to 10 people or you would go to hell fire. Use the block button to send them to the hell fire for wankers. Use it for people that get all nasty and belligerent on your wall. And lastly..... Use it on any guy that invites you to Mr Biggs for a drink to avoid stories that touch and story for the gods. ......................................................... See the thing is do not accept a friend request if you don't have at least 40 mutual friends in common with the person. And as long as it is this Obodo , don't be meeting random strangers anywhere. Evil people are lurking. You have mutual friends. Someone somewhere must know about him and if no one does tell him to stuff his Mr Biggs date up his ass. Don't be giving strangers your phone to make calls o. I've said my own Funmi Tega Philips

1 Comment

  1. Onyinye Jacinta

    October 11, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    Let him who have ears hear.