You Want To Be Successful?

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Everyone wants to be successful but not everyone wants to learn the act of discipline. Success is imbedded in discipline. Without discipline, you cannot attain the height one envisions. For example, most success stories are all streamlined to consistency, not quitting or giving up, being focused, and being highly disciplined. Discipline is an act of control; a controlled behavior. It is an ability or experience that provides mental and physical training. Buffeting one's body to conform to a certain responsibility. It is a system of rules of conduct. One can also be disciplined in thoughts, words, and acts. Whatever you say, you become. Whenever you think positive thoughts, positive words come out of you, and you find out the action that precedes your words are also very positive. Therefore, anytime you see things going left, while your are going right, and you feel the world around you is the problem, sit down and jolt your thoughts back to positively, because apparently, your thoughts stopped working. Discipline your thoughts because your thoughts can stop God from stepping into your affairs. "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he..." (Prov 23:7a). You cannot think and get the result of success. It's only breakthrough thoughts that guarantee breakthroughs in the pursuit of life. Failure thoughts breeds failure, and breakthrough thoughts breeds success. Disciplined thoughts, words, and act will build any success story. You must kill negativity from the thoughts level. Discipline is a virtue that enhances and makes better use of most our time. It positively engages our time and gives it more productivity. A year isn't made of months, but seconds, so what you use each seconds for determines the outcome of one's life. you view your year through the eyes of months, then you will miss each seconds that passes by. No one will ever be more distinguished in his pursuit than his discipline. Discipline is the pursuit of greatness. Therefor live a life of discipline and success is guaranteed. (References: Debbie Kuks, Bishop David Oyedepo) Debbie Kuks. © 2014 Debbie Kuks Words Email: Facebook: Debbie Kuks. Twitter: @DebbieKuks Photo Credit: Romatre Projects