You Can Not Influence “Celebrating The Unseen” Awards -Kunle Egbedun

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kunle The BB buzz had an interview session with Kunle Egbedun of Projects & Strategy IofC on the "Celebrating The Unseen" project. It was a robust session. Find the excerpts below: Who is MRA or what is IOFC? Moral. Re-Armament/Initiative of Change (MRA/IofC) is a world wide movement of people of diverse cultures and backgrounds,who are committed to the transformation of the through changes in human motives and behaviour starting with their own. We inspire,equip and connect people to adress the world needs,starting with ourselves. What is the partnership all about? MRA and IofC is the same brand,its a transformation that started with our founding fathers as the Oxford group,methamorphosed to Moral Re-Armament and now Initiative of Change,all over the world we are just one group of change drivers and facilitators,MRA/IofC is a way of life, a dynamic movement with viable platforms in over 65 countries of the world and actively engage in the art of services in another 100+ countries,with our international secretariat in Geneve Switzerland and Nigeria Centre here in 4 Onitolo Road,Via Mosley,Ikoyi . Who envisioned this laudable project? Celebrating The Unseen is a project from our ‎International Secretariat in Geneve Switzerland and we are happy to our Centre in Nigeria is actively involve and passionately committed to the vision through the support of our management council here. How does one qualify to be celebrated or awarded? Every change agent doing positively well in ensuring a sane and safe society is qualified to be awarded,its a unique brand of award you cannot buy or influence by any means. It's purely a platform of commendation to motivates many other people to emulate and get inspired by what you do,how you do it and little efforts coined together to making a better society by your exemplary act of braveness and sincere heart of service. I believe we don't have any right to condemn vices,if we are not brave enough to appreciate virtues. What should guest look forward to at the ceremony? Our guests should look forward to a special evening of fun in an ambience of genuine love. It's an evening to appreciate and celebrate "Lights in The Dark. How does the public benefit from this initiative? The concept is to let the public understand,it pays to do what's good and inspire many to follow the path of genuine service to humankind. Is the event strictly by invitation? It is strictly by invitation,its a free entry event to people who have signified their intents and interests of participation by registering on the porter created for this purpose as publicised in the media. Any plans to take this platform beyond Lagos or even Nigeria? Yes it's a national platform,our Awardees ‎are from different parts of Nigeria and under the "Special Recognition Categories" the projects and individuals short-listed are nationalistic in focus. E.g Dr Stella Adedevoh post humously recognised on ebola disease,His Excellency Governor Babatunde Fashola also on efforts defeating ebola,Pst Kola Oyeyemi of Ignite Nigeria on his efforts in promoting reading culture among Nigerian youths,Management of the First Consultants Medical Centre on their proactive efforts on ebola,Praize Adejoh of MTN Project Fame for using the proceeds generated on his MTN caller's tune to sponsored a surgery operation of little girl with heart related disease in India,Nicholas Ibekwe a reporter with Premium times who by vitues of professional ethics and honesty is telling us we can still look up to our journalists as the 4th realm of the estate in our quests to secure the future of Nigeria,Appreciation a distinguished commercial bus driver who has been able to show Nigerians there nothing wrong with driving as a profession but needs to just have the right people doing it,Celebrating the best student in the last common entrance examination here in Lagos state and lastly 3 special care givers from 3 different special homes in the country,some of us can only go on visits to special kids,there are people who jealously protect and serve these special kids,we are commending them for others to emulate such kind hearted individuals. The most unique thing about this event is that majority of these people we are celebrating are not even the owners of those service projects,some employees and other volunteers,we are using all these to tell others that it's not the size of what you do,but the hearts. So what is next for MRA/IOFC Award ceremony Yes 2015 is a very busy year for the organisation,we got so many events for the year,E.g Making Democracy Real,Frank Buchman Leadership Academy Retreat,Living Differently Series, Living Differently Mainland Edition,Chess For Change Project and many more. Yet we are still open to collaborations from other change driving and well meaning organisations on projects. Who are the other brands partnering with you on this project? So far so good our partners like Wheatbaker Hotel Lagos,TheBBuzz Media,Firstbank Nigeria,United Bank of Africa and some other great brands also getting up to stand up for this project. Thank you


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    Wonderfull and nice program

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    This one gidigan ooo…… The event is suppose to be open to the intrested public and not by Invitation