You Can Begin Again!

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met Christopher 10 years ago, and was involved in a sexual relationship with him that produced 3 . Although Christopher never proposed to Sade, or ever thought of proposing to her, herself and her kids lived with Chris as a family. They lived as a family until Sade had a epiphany. One that jolted her to reality, and gave her another chain of thoughts. Sade realized Christopher may never propose to her, and also heard that Chris had another lady he was heavily involved with. Despite the fact that Sade has these lovely kids for Christopher, his parents never accepted her and her kids. Chris' folks would call Sade all kinds of names, and they believed she must have cast a spell on their son. They are afraid they may never see him get married to the woman they envision for their son. In all these, Christopher also believed what her folks believed, and treated Sade a doormat; talked to her rudely in front of her kids, and would hit her at every opportunity given. He literally treated her like trash, and like a non-existent female. When he feels like, would give her money for the upkeep of the kids, and when he didn't feel like it, he would leave nothing for Sade to take care of his own kids. All these went on for years, until Sade decided to move on. She decided to Leave crazy Christopher and his family behind, and move to somewhere quiet to raise her kids by herself. Chris fought the idea and almost killed her for moving his kids out of his house. Sade decided to play along with Christopher, and had to be smart to make sure she erased the thought of her leaving him from his mind, so Christopher wouldn't kill her, and leave her kids in the hands of his folks who didn't care about them. Meanwhile Sade never stopped planning to move out. She planned with a friend in a neighboring country to sneak out of the country with the kids. Fortunately for her, Christopher went on on a trip, and that gave Sade a great opportunity to move out of her cage with the kids. On returning from his trip, Chris found out what had happened and was furious and deadly. He swore he would kill Sade and murder all the kids too, if he ever get hold of them. Sade changed her number, and disassociated with people who knew herself and Chris together. So no one knew where she was. Sade found solace in God and constantly prayed for Gods direction. In the midst of all these mess going on with her moving on with her kids, and leaving crazy Chris behind, Sade met a charming gentleman, John, who didn't care if she'd had 3 or even 12 kids, but willing to give her everything within him to please her, and make her happy. John was determined to bring joy into life again. Sade had a talk with her kids and they approved of John, so Sade started dating him. John fell in love with Sade without even seeing her flaws or noticing her messy life. Sade felt safe with him, and loved the way they pray together and put God first in all things. To cut the long story short, Sade secretly married John when he proposed, after 6 months of meeting him. John also loved Sade's kids like his own, and Sade felt safe with him. Now Sade and John are expecting their first child together, and Sade's kids, are so happy with their new dad, and the serenity & sanity of their home. Till date, Chris doesn't know where Sade is, and Sade is enjoying her new found love and the family she's building for her kids. We should never settle for our mistakes. Sometimes we need to move away from our past, in order to embrace our future. I sincerely applaud Sade for realizing her mistakes, planned her escape, and found what she would never have gotten if she'd stayed in her pathetic situation. Are you feeling suicidal, depressed, disgusted, or tired of your situation because you feel you made a terrible mistake, and you feel there's no way in the world you can ever come out of it? There is no mistake GREATER than God's GRACE. Grace is undeserved favor. From the above story, we can all agree in our judgmental minds, that Sade didn't deserve John, or the love she found in him. John became God in the flesh to Sade, because God doesn't judge us based on our mistakes and past. He is ALWAYS ready to embrace us and make us feel our mistakes never ever existed. When we cry out to God in the midst of our crisis, He sends us a savior to lead us out of that calamity. John was definitely Sade's savior in flesh. Don't ever build a castle around your mistakes. If the foundation is faulty, the castle will eventually collapse. So never find solace in your affliction. Always speak boldly to yourself that, "You deserve better!" Lastly, anyone can begin again. You can start afresh and make your life more meaningful. As long as there is no expiration date for "start", therefore it is NEVER TO LATE TO START AGAIN. Never ever settle down in your mess or mistake. Your mess is to teach you, you deserve better. Your mistake should be your immune system, one that resists any replica of the old habit, mistakes, or mess. Your past should be a lightbulb you keep up while searching for your new path, and should guide you into the future you deserve. Yes! You can begin AGAIN! Debbie Kuks. © 2014 Debbie Kuks Words Email: Facebook: Debbie Kuks. Twitter: @DebbieKuks  


  1. Lucky

    October 19, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    If you dont want to settle down with a lady you dont have feeling for no need to put her in a family way.That is what i used to tell my friends,if i can settle with a particular lady no need for me to approach her at all.Thankgod Sade and kids found solace in God and John.No need for we to keep looking back at our mistakes bcos no one is one hundred percent perfect.In God we trust.

  2. Louis Offor

    October 19, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    Wonderful story with a beautiful ending and great lessons learnt. Indead no mistake can ever be GREATER than God’s GRACE.