Yield or Be Cursed!

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Why did Jesus Christ curse the fig tree? It was not even the season for the fig tree you read the text. (Mark 11:12-25).
The RHEMA is: it doesn't have to be its season for it to produce fruits, especially when God is in need of it. Whatever God needs NOW must yield NOW!
Jesus Christ spoke to a fish to produce a coin; although it is not the purpose of any fish to produce coins, but the fish yielded because THE GOD has spoken (Matthew 17:26); likewise the colt that no man ever rode on according to Luke 19:30, Jesus Christ asked to use it, and immediately it was untied for the masters use. Therefore, whenever the master is in need of a thing and the thing refuses to yield, it will be cursed, and this will neither be used by man or God.
Listen, Anything that won't answer to you when you need it, is cursed for your sake. You are a god, (Psalm 82:6), so when you need anything, be it food, job, money, breakthrough, deliverance, healing, miracle, or whatsoever it is, it must answer to you when you speak to it as a god. Study the word of God to know who you are, and start living as such! (RHEMA inspired by Joseph Adegboyega Idowu )
Debbie Kuks.
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