Woman Filmed As She Is Being Raped Along The Road

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A certain woman has been publicly raped and assaulted in a busy road side with no one coming to her rescue.

The woman who is presumably in her 20s was assaulted by name Ganji Siva who is allegedly 23-years-old. Which Ganji attacked his victim under a tree where she was resting passersby walked past a while some others filmed the on the helpless woman.

Sad incidence reportedly happened in  the city of Visakhapatnam in the Bay of Bengal.

According to reports from the sub-inspector K Suresh he said:

‘Apparently she was very weak as she had not eaten for several hours and was sleeping on the footpath under the shadow of a tree when Siva, in an inebriated condition, assaulted her sexually. ‘Passers-by did not bother to stop him even as the woman was too weak to even scream.’
A rickshaw driver on the opposite side of the road filmed what happened and handed it to police.