Why I left NNPC for music

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One time Vice President of Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, Judith Nwachukwu, is not having any regrets that she left the hub of entertainment, for her home base in Delta State.

Popularly known as Lady Judith, the singer said that she would only come back to Lagos if the Lord directs her, claiming she has not been doing badly in Delta State.

“I did a song for Delta State, The Finger of God. Lagos is good but home is home. I have really made a lot of impact these past years I relocated home. are so proud of me. It is good to be closer to one’s root,” she said.

A former member of staff of NNPC, the singer said she left her lucrative job at the oil company and settled for because, “Singing is a gift. It is my passion. We are all on assignment on this earth. God has placed something on our inside to make a difference. We all have different ministries. Mine is to sing and touch lives. I want to leave a mark in my generation. This is a divine calling. I have sung and people got healed.”

Though gospel music has metamorphosed in the music industry in Nigeria, Lady Judith said she is not bothered by any form of competition because she has good videos that back up her works.

“My uniqueness are my videos. They are standard with all sense of humility. The competition keeps you on your feet. But then, I am not trying to be anybody. I do my thing the way I want to do it. I do classy things. I make a mark with anything I do,” she said.

Now ready for her album launch taking place in Delta State soon, Lady Judith said she is back in the studio cooking some songs that would follow the debut album.

“Thankful is actually my first album. I have done some singles even with Onyeka Onwenu. I am coming out next year with another album,” she said