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Knowing and being confident of who you are reaffirms your confidence any given day. Never ever conform to what anyone else has labelled you, because you have the power to conform to who God says you are ONLY!
Always be grateful that God is the only one who never stores up past mistakes, errors, and anything done in the past. Well I am grateful that I am not bound by any mistake(s) I have done in my past. This is the liberty that I have in God that old things are passed away and all things have become new.
Therefore, I see myself the way God sees me. If He, The Omnipotent— All Powerful One, has forgiven me and launch me to go further in my purpose, without my past being a hindrance, then who is that 'created being' that can hold me down? Absolutely NO ONE!
Sometimes we are limited because we carry this heavy guilt of shame called “heavy loads” over our heads and immediately cut our unprecedented future short by doing so. Some people say, ‘I am an ex-prostitute, so I can never date a decent man? I am an ex-convict, so I can’t get a good job? I have a baby out of wedlock, so I shouldn't expect a single man to marry me? My father says I will never amount to anything, so I better not start my own business because it will definitely fail? I am a product of child molestation so I am sure no one really wants me?”…and the list goes on—but my question to you is: WHO TOLD YOU so?
I remember the first man Adam, after he’d eaten the forbidden fruit, found out he was naked, and hid himself when he heard the voice of God in the Garden of Eden. God called out to him, and Adam’s response was, “I heard your voice and hid myself because I was naked.” Do you know what God’s response was? God said, “WHO TOLD YOU thou was naked?”
God is Omniscient, meaning He knows everything, (He knows what we will do even before we do it); and because Adam had a change of perception of who he was to who he believed he should be, therefore his opinion shifted his position! (Genesis 3).
My challenge to you this week is: Who told you, you cannot make it? Who told you, you will never amount to anything? Who told you because you got married and now has , your has ended? Who told you being married, limits your potential in life? Why are you waiting to be married before pursuing after your dreams? Who told you just because you have a baby or babies out of wedlock you cannot date a single man? Who limited you? Whose report are you conforming to?
Just because you made a mistake does not hinder your wings from still soaring? Take the shackles off your feet this week and walk in the liberty God has given you. Your opinion of yourself is what others see and believe! Whom the Son of man sets free, is free indeed!
Do not let your past define who God has called you to be! Have a heart full of thanksgiving for the liberty God’s given you inspite of what men think should be done to you. Go forth this week soaring like you have no boundaries whatsoever! Have a thanksgiving week!
Debbie Kuks
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