Which Group Will Get To Replace The Entertaining Duo, Psquare?

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The saga has been the leading discourse in the Nigerian entertainment. A lot of rukus has been going on between the 36-year-old singing duo Psquare. Peter and have not only decided to split up quietly, but have brought all that drama to the social media circus. The identical twins have been engaging each other on social media, albeit, throwing subliminal and cryptic messages. They are not only breaking up in peace but have made the incidence spiced up with drama.

Fans of one of the most successful music groups in Africa would never have expected a group such as Psquare to hit an apparent collapse. The basic reason being the duo had a stronger bond because they share blood ties and most of all are identical twins.

Here we are discussing a Psquare end of the road. After several threats and indications that the singing duo will split up,  the inevitable has finally happened.

Now it's obvious that the squabble between Peter and Paul Okoye is no more a publicity stunt. About two times in the past, Peter and Paul have had rough patches during their journey as a group. Last year had the loudest rumour of the group's collapse. Fans were apprehensive, tears were  shed all in a bit to make the grown men and brothers sort their internal crisis and stay together forever.  


It worked, just for a second. Since after a patch up last year, Psquare delivered an instant hit record ‘Bank Alert’. About three singles have been released since then by the group. Plus getting to work with other artistes as a group.

It's sad that all that is ending!

We least expected this from a group who share an umbilical cord, an identical twins. So apparently, Psquare is just heading into the history books as one of the many defunct groups that have in many ways thrilled the Nigerian entertainment landscape.


All that glory will be washed into the gutters because the parties involved would not resolve their issues.

At the moment, the split up has taken drastic turns as we have never witnessed. Currently, now known as Mr P as a solo artiste has been making solo appearances and performance without his partner Paul. He has also pushed his Mr P brand more than ever. His personal YouTube channel has been floated with a new single on the way. The climax has been his declaration of going solo and a letter to the group's lawyer to terminate the contract between them.

Paul Okoye who is the less outgoing member of Psquare seems to have confirmed with an obvious message. He indicates he is not stopping now after doing music for 18 years.

Psquare will be missed, as the group had such a successful run than any other group in Africa.

The Psquare breakup now births a question.  Which group will get to replace the very amazing and entertaining duo, Psquare?

As it seems they group have done so much for the culture to be easily forgotten. In fact, the duo is irreplaceable.

Albeit, their dissolution will leave room for the emergence of new stars. Groups like Mavin Records DNA, Boy Breed, Skuki, Hypa will get a chsnce to flourish.

Some how after, it becomes a reality the twins are not getting back any soon, our hearts would have move on from them. Any other music group as mentioned before would have become the toast of the day and in focus.

Psquare have had a lot of impact during these years of their activities. But like any other defunct music groups they will only remain a sweet memory in the past.