When Would Our Dear Yemi Alade Realize She Is Now Plain Vanilla

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At this point, I certainly feel I’m not the only person who thinks Miss Yemi Alade is now becoming bland and unnecessarily monotonous.

A popular quote postulates that ‘too much of anything is bad for you’, how true this statement goes when you have had too much of a thing. Eventually, it just makes you puke and sick then you realize it’s about time you gave up on the craving.

Yemi Alade as a female Nigerian artist has had her fair share of challenges in the industry, yet she never gave in to any resistance on her path to truly shine as the star she is. Her story should inspire anyone at all.

She made her first debut on the ecosystem after she won the Peak Talent Show as far back as 2009. It’s a long time coming for her.


Since her emergence in 2009, the Afropop singer only achieved moderate success with her songs until 2013 when she struck staggering success with her biggest song to date ‘Johnny’. There are many eulogies that could be written about that massive Afropop song, from the digital streams, YouTube views, international penetration etc.

The massive success of ‘Johnny’ meant Yemi could have discovered what would be her winning formula. She finally decided to build her music persona to mirror that African Chic who is very confident about herself and aware of her beauty. Since then most of the music releases henceforth resembled a distant relative to ‘Johnny’. That formula has so far been potent in pushing her debut and sophomore albums ‘King of Queens’ and ‘Mama Africa’, but there is no much power about it anymore.


At the moment the ‘Na Gode’ crooner is boring out her fans with the monotonous kind of music she has been dishing out lately. I understand it takes immense efforts to get into a studio and make music but ‘Tumbum’, ‘Charliee’ and recently ‘Knack Am’ doesn’t quite hit the spot.

In fact, her last three music release a well below par, it may reveal that Yemi may not be interested in moving past ‘Johnny’ and worst still improving her style of music. Nigerian music lovers have been over stuffed with the same styled kind of music dished out by the Effyzzie Music Group artist. Yes, I enjoyed her music at some point but I’m afraid I would loathe her music if she doesn’t switch up a little more.

Perhaps, should realize she is fast losing her sauce and flavour. Her music is painfully boring, it's just plain vanilla.