When Quality is your Signature

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Like my regular Saturday morning, I’m always glued to my TV watching Sunrise on Channels TV. This last one wasn’t different in any way. I don carry biscuit put for side, chewing and patiently waiting for political analysts that will make my day with some inspiring discussions.

Political debates can be very interesting, especially when it is being aired on Channels TV. You go laugh tire!

 But there were no ghen-ghen moments in this one, so I was excited when the programme ended. Abeg make I watch Metrofile,  where the movers and shakers of show us how to party.

I particularly wanted to see how the @50 Dinner Party went down.

Na so the programme start o and they were now showing the extras from the Lagos @ 50 event. I was dazed. This can’t be coming from the Center of Excellence.

The event was tacky and lacked exciting moments. It just didn’t come across as a well thought through package. An in-experienced hand must have been put in charge of some important line items. The tables and the sitting arrangements were particularly funny for that kind of event. I just couldn’t wait for the next event to be shown jor.

Almost immediately after that, they started showing the rushes from Senator Ashafa’s wife’s party. You could instantly tell that this was a well-executed event.

Hen Hen!!! This is an event….Dem no dey force am!!!

You could see class…simplicity and orderliness.

It was like I watched the Lagos State event on NTA while I watched Mrs Ashafa’s on E Channel. The difference was just clear.

The event flow was seamless and INTERESTING

And I began to wonder, who planned this event oo?

I didn’t have to wait too long for the answer.  The Ashafas were dancing to the stage and a face that looked familiar was cheering them on…This face looks familiar I said to myself. I know this lady!

So I looked at the woman again.

This is Funke nao! No wonder!!!!

Instantly I could connect why the event made sense to me. Funke was behind it

See..Funke Bucknor-Obruthe is the founder and CEO of Zapphaire Events, a successful event management outfit in Nigeria. She’s always been known for brilliant and quality executions. It’s her signature.

So if you are out there as a young entrepreneur or a startup, let ‘quality’ be your watch word. It will open certain doors for you in the nearest future.

Written by

Yomi Olaniwun

Team Lead at Bold Brand Buzz Ltd, a Content Marketing/Distribution Agency