What If All You Need Is A Side Hustle?

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You see ehn...in , something has to fund your dream. It's either you get a 9-5 job and use the income from there to support your side hustle(which is your dream) or you raise enough capital to run your business (your dream) Often times we are never ready for the shocker that comes with entrepreneurship..the shocking revelation that >>>THINGS NEVER GO THE WAY YOU HAD ANTICIPATED! For me, I had to turn my other gifts (which are the ability to determine who is best for a job and my innate ability to identify a 'pitch winning' document) into an opportunity to offer a service. I saw the gap, identified the opportunities and smartly created a demand for my services. Now here's where discipline comes to play, every money I made from my side hustle went back to . It's a MUST! That's the only way I can have an enterprise that can employ people and create an impact in the market place. Because I was putting money back into BB Buzz, enthusiast started noticing the brand and the calls began to come in. Isn't it ironical that BB Buzz now consults for OYINBOS..'The Experts'...Masters of Digital Marketing!. This was possible because I was true to myself and I took ACTIONS. So your plans aren't going the way you had anticipated, you can talk to me or just take a second/third look at the plans and be TRUTHFUL to yourself. Within a short while, snippets of SOLUTIONS will begin to show up. So take it easy...Things Will Be Fine! IMG_1706               Yomi Olaniwun You can also interact with me on Twitter & Instagram @THEBBBUZZ