what does it mean to SEEK GOD’S FACE?

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My brothers and sisters, I have a question (s): what does it mean to SEEK GOD'S FACE? Does it mean God's face is lost in some clouds and one needs to fish it out a needle in a haystack, or does it mean God looks in different directions and we have to shift to that direction using our spiritual GPS? What exactly is God's face like? And since we always use 'HE' for this face, does it mean He is fully bearded like Father Xmas and/or chiseled face like Jeremy Meeks/ or He has a bald head like TD Jakes? And if this statement is a metaphorical quest, does it have its roots in our subservient 'slavery' when we looked up to our Masters for daily tasks and refused to challenge their lordship over us - or better still, when we had to consult with deities through mediums like in 'gods are not to blame'? Hence, we do not blame ourselves for our choices! Closely related to this statement in 's religious circle is the saying 'I'm waiting on the Lord.' Aptly put by GEJ, here's how this clause has been used most recently: “Therefore, after seeking the face of God, in quiet reflection with my family and having listened to the call of our people nationwide to run, I, Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, have accepted to re-present myself, on the platform of The Peoples’ Democratic Party, for re-election as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in the 2015 general elections,”