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Dupe Adeniran  is the founder/publisher of  Wedding Planner magazine, 's foremost . Wedding Planner was designed to make wedding planning much easier for every Nigerian bride. Dupe has over the years helped in promoting the Nigerian Wedding Industry, by reaching every part of a wedding via journal. Her strategy was to get interesting contents that were sellable and put an effective availabilty format that delivered constant reach to every part of Nigeria. Dupe had a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve so she wasn't deterred by what competition was doing. She remained focused but flexible and that decision got her this far. It built a solid brand called Wedding Planner magazine. Wedding Planner magazine, consists of different columns like; DEAR DIARY, NOT YET MARRIED, ALMOST A BRIDE, NOT MR. RIGHT, PLANNING, INDUSTRY PEOPLE, STYLE, featuring vrious contributors like MRS. FUNMI FALOYE, TEJU OYELAKIN(BABYFACE), DEBBIE OLUJOBI, and so on. If you plan to go into the magazine business, then you need to get some mentorship from Dupe Adeniran,.