[WATCH] FlashbackFriday#1: Bringing Back all your Favorite Mohits songs

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We should have known Jazzy was a branding genius, when Mohits first hit the music scene. The cane and mystique Don vibes with a super turnt sidekick aka Kokomaster, they were a match made in music heaven.   Two heads is better than one but a whole squad of talent together is unstoppable, that's what the Mohits crew were! Unstoppable.

Don Jazzy's ability to pair parties of the squad on melodramatic songs that instantly brought out the Mushin representative in you while you raised your leg to Pere or bopped off to Why me Oh!

Man, The 2000's were epic for thanks to some of the smashing hits from this dynamic squad. In lieu of Flashback Friday, we bring you our very first flashback to some of our favorite songs from the Mohits era! Remember when had Dapo kidnapped and showed him what life as Kokomaster Dbanj would be like in Suddenly     This at some point was EVERYBODY's jam because WHY ME!   brought something to the Mohits mix for sure! PERE was a JAM! and Don Jazzy subtly letting us know he is the Don is still epic Booty Call was a club music attendance sheet that needed to be signed at every party! Wande Coal and Dbanj   Although one of Nigeria's greatest music group went ahead to split and chase different music paths, we will forever be indebted for these gems. What Mohit song was your favorite? Tweet us @thebbbuzz some of your favorite #Flashback music.    

1 Comment

  1. Dopified Ben

    August 6, 2017 at 7:38 am

    this is really a great flashback!! the crew was fire!!! they were really unstoppable!! I miss d giid old days!!!