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Some people can just shock you sha! Let me give you this gist, real life story o! So I finally pick this call after the phone had been vibrating 'viciously' for a while...

Me: Hey Del B..How nao?

Del B: I dey o Baba..How you  side?

Me: Omo na so so meeting since morning o..So what's up?

Del B: Yeah..I have an artiste that I want you to listen to. I think you will like her voice.

Me: Fresh face or she's been in the industry?

Del B: Fresh face. She was in the UK. Returned to Naija to focus on her career.

Me: What's her name?


Me: Uuu what? Which kind name be that? I no hear you well.

Del B: (Chuckling, struggling not to laugh out loud)...Na jand chic o baba! U-R-I-E-L....Clean girl but she can sing. With your experience in advertising na good product to package be dis o.

Me: Hmmn..ok! Make we meet for Eko Hotels tomorrow, pool side. 5pm will be fine.

Del B: Alright baba..see you tomorrow!

I've known Del B for a while (Yes Del B, the popular producer..the hit maker). So I'd mentioned it to him severally that I wanted to test the music market with the intro of a new female face. I felt the very few female that were running things in the industry were not competitively challenged hence we had Tiwa, Omawumi, and chopping all the money. I wanted a fresh act to disrupt the status quo! Last minutes things..we had to change the venue to Mega Plaza, the Shawarma joint by the side. But that was fine with me. So I met the 'Jand chic URIEL'. Interesting personality and a delight to the eyes. She had a presence! (That was key for me) I wanted to be sure I heard Del B right, so I asked for her name again.. My name URIEL..(with a British accent)

Me: ummnn..Nice name!

So we got gisting. Uriel likes to talk. She talks from the heart so you will be forced to listen to her. I mean listening attentively o!

Me: Can you sing any song you are comfortable with?

And she delivered the song well! Uriel has a beautiful and melodious voice. I was impressed. For me it wasn't just about the voice, it was more about her journey and her plans about for the future. I wanted a rough diamond that I can work on. So we talked and talked..it was more of a conversation that she was leading. She owned it. So I teased her..'why don't you start her a talk show?' I'm thinking about it seriously she replied. Listening to her, you could tell Uriel has had her share of pain but she was ready to fight on. I think the 'fighing spirit' can be alluded to the fact that she's got an  Oputa blood running in her veins.(Yeah she's related to Charly Boy) She made it clear, subtly though, that entrepreneurship was her thing. She had her hands in a few things and she was quite articulate when talking about them to me. I was super impressed. This lady was just waiting for the right opportunity to show up and she will 'BLOW'.

Uriel: I have a weave on business that I'm so passionate about. Let me show you some pictures.

Me: This is nice (Nodding in approval while going through the pictures)

Uriel: I want to into clothing business someday but for now, music takes top priority.

While listening to her and Del B, talk more about her music adventure, I just became lost in my thoughts... This lady has three business opportunities that I can invest in. Should I support her Weave on business and fashy this music thing. Or should I just create a content and make her the anchor/host? So many thoughts flashing through my mind. I couldn't give a conclusive answer at the meeting so I just told Del B I will get back to him later. We exchanged numbers, had a drink and promised to keep in touch. What a meeting! Del B really made my day! But here's the major take out from this meeting: "WITH OR WITHOUT FUNDING, SUPPORT YOUR PLANS WITH ACTIONS. while waiting for the opportunity to take her music career to the next level, Uriel was already investing her time, money and energy in her dreams. She was being 'READY' while 'WAITING' for the right moment to take her chance. And two years after our meeting, the opportunity showed up!!! Big Brother Naija located her and assisted her to the closest bus-stop to where her dreams can now be lived. Though Uriel was evicted early, she still makes it to the news. As it not surprised you that, out of all the contestants from BB Naija, she's arguably the most visible! Think about this deeply and put actions to your plans. Don't wait until you get funding before you act. Make yourself ready before the financial assistance come. It's wise to be patient...but it's profitable to be 'ready' while waiting. Thank you for reading through my posts, I will share another nugget as it comes in fresh. Stay blessed! @THEBBBUZZ

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  1. Bright Meek Phronesis Odei

    April 28, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    Amazing and very important article. Key point I held on to *”WITH OR WITHOUT FUNDING, SUPPORT YOUR PLANS WITH ACTIONS”*
    Thank you 🙂