US rates as number one overseas destination for Nigerians

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Most Nigerians travel overseas on business trips or to visit friends and family and their favourite destinations are North America, the United Kingdom and Europe. These are some of the findings from a British Airways’ airport survey, aimed at further improving the airline’s understanding of its Nigerian customers’ travel habits and preferences. The poll found that some 36% of Nigerian’s travel abroad on business, while 34% do so to visit friends and family. Around 15% combine business and leisure trips and 8% are pure leisure travellers. Of the remaining 7%, the majority are travelling for medical check-ups. Respondents were also asked about the international destinations they would most like to visit. A clear majority, 31%, named the United States as their first choice. The next most desirable place on their wish lists is the United Kingdom at 27%, while Europe is third at 20%. Other destinations to make the top five are Asia at just over 13% and South at 5%. Kola Olayinka, commercial manager for West Africa, says the extension of British Airways’ joint business with American Airlines to include US Airways is good news for Nigerians wanting to travel to the United States on business, holiday or to visit friends and family. “US Airways brings 28 transatlantic routes to the joint business, of which 27 are new, and gives our customers access to additional destinations. Between and New York, a popular business destination for our West African customers, the joint business provides up to 17 flights a day in each direction and more than 1000 flat beds. In all, our Nigerian customers connecting to the United States can now choose from 70 flights a day.” He says the daily flights to London Heathrow’s Terminal Five from both Lagos and Abuja, are timed to provide good onward connections, particularly to the United States. The survey revealed that the convenience of daily, direct flights to London is a significant reason for customers choosing to fly British Airways, with over 30% listing this as their primary consideration. Nearly as many, 29%, cited efficiently and reliability as their reasons for choosing the airline. They rated British Airways’ on board service as the best part of the flying experience. “Onboard service has been an important part of our five-year, £5 billion investment in product and services and this feedback confirms that customers are experiencing the benefits,” says Mr Olayinka. “It is exactly why we conduct these informal surveys from time to time. They help us ensure that the changes we make deliver real, meaningful benefits for our customers.”

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  1. kaymanzine

    November 18, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    wow when will a country in africa be the place of high destinations?