Until We Switch OAPs Back To Journalists, I Will Not Be Listening To Radio

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I was tempted this morning to tune to a dial, then I stopped midway, and chose to save myself from heartbreak. Radio is, by far, the most disappointing media platform in . Let a plague destroy half of the city, you'll still hear OAPs on radio laughing and talking about "Why Peter didn't make it to Jude's ", with the kind of seriousness and depth such flippant news does not deserve. You'll tune in, hoping to confirm rumours and get certain facts right about deadly desperate issues, but you'll be greeted with laughter and flirting and gist as stale and cold as a week old eba. I don't think these people are even real. They just maybe aliens and we are unaware of it...because how do you explain their lack of interest and lethargy? If I had tuned in this morning, I am certain that I'd hear their screeching voices devoid of common sense; and before the blink of an eye something would fly out of their noses that would make me hit my radio on the floor… Something like: “Oh mai gawd, now this Errbolarr is a mess and the governmerrrnt and anyborri darris someborri needs to act now. Please arct now before it gets to Lekki and all the important places. Gosh! And rememberrr Nigerians stay away from buses and bus-stops and poor places that have many people…like markets too. Remember not to panic too. And that salt waterrr thingy is just funny hahahaha!” I can bet a slice of my butt that someone somewhere stashed in one radio station or the other have muttered something this idiotic concerning this troubling issue. You all need to stop your silly photo-shoots, get over your itchy need to get featured on Linda’s blog, quit your distracting side hustles and make a damn difference for once with the platform you have.