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Uloma Onyebuchi is the 4th child and 1st daughter of Chief M. E. Onyebuchi. She had her studies from primary school to university in before finally moving to the UK for her postgraduate degree. Uloma did her National youth service at BPE and later worked with then platinum bank plc after her service year. She worked for 2yrs in platinum bank before leaving for her postgraduate studies. She worked with Bank of Scotland and Alliance and Leicester while in the UK. Uloma also worked for Aberdeen city council tax office and it was while she was at the Aberdeen city council that she got involved with some community projects as a volunteer. Little did she know that God was setting her up for what she is do today. In her own words "I've always been someone that loves to help others, create an impact and develop people in general. I've always been someone that wants to make a difference in my immediate community since I was a kid" Uloma always yearned for Nigeria to realise her full potentials and become great especially after living in a system that works, in an organised society like the UK. It was such a cultural shock when she came visiting after a long stay in the UK. Nigeria was not as bad as it is now when she lived in Nigeria. You could finish from university and get a job immediately strictly on merit. Like in her own case, she got a job as soon as she finished serving and all she had to do was take an aptitude test and a series of interviews after being short listed. But the story is different these days, let's not go into the gory details she says. These is the main reason The Bold And Youth Foundation was born in 2010. I was simply burdened with the hunger to see Nigerian youth have a paradigm shift and begin to learn how to create a reality from a dream. We started to look at ways to harness and develop young enterprising Nigerians to become socio economic change agents and help build the Nigeria we all love to see says Uloma. She further explains, We have helped develop entrepreneurs in the industry with our debut project tagged The Bold And Beautiful Youth Fashion Forum 2010. We partnered with HYPE Foundation to deliver the project and it was quite successful and fulfilling. We conducted seminars and workshops on different genres of fashion, from fashion photography, to fashion design, fashion styling, makeup and modelling. We had iconic fashion experts with inspiring life stories facilitate the workshops. We needed to inspire the participants and challenge them to see and reach out beyond their fear of failure. It was a humbling experience for me as I see these young Nigerians finally see light and feel someone show them love and let them know they are important in the scheme of things in Nigeria. The Bold And Beautiful Youth Foundation also did a similar project in 2011 tagged THE BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL YOUTH LITERARY FORUM 2011 where THEY trained young Nigerians in different genres of writing, from poetic writing to script and play writing, journalistic writing, non fictional writing, etc. The foundation tries to empower at least 10 people from the workshops every year, but the most important thing is that even those who don't get the star prize, go on to build a good career out of the skills they imbibe at the workshops. 'We basically teach them how to develop their innate talent to create wealth for them and become emotes of labour and in turn leaders of their communities, but above all change agents. No one is giving these young men and women a chance showcase what great potentials they have' says Uloma. Her passion is to inspire and impact on as many lives as possible. To see home grown young iconic Nigerian on the world stage. She believes it can be done. She wishes the government can create the enabling environment for the youths to flourish. Uloma is not just about work, work and work. She is a great dancer,'I can dance for hours with my kids in my room' she says. She also loves to play badminton and read when she is less busy.