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Hello everyone and welcome back to another Beauty post where we are going to be talking about today!

First of all I hope you are having a great day and we are wishing you a productive week also ‘ohh guys this post may not be for you so if you want to be going you can be going but don't forget christmas and valentines day is around the corner and for those of you reading why get babes you better continue reading before you go and buy rubbish and not collect kiss and thank you oooo!!!’ Back to the matter ,

So as a Makeup artist in the game for over four years, i have used quite a lot of products from both nigerian brands to international brands and i will be sharing with you the best foundations for this harmattan season ( Very Hot during the day,Cold in the evening)we are stepping into ( thank God the rainy season is over- who agrees?)

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in 1 Foundation - this Drugstore foundation is an oil based foundation but has a full coverage finish, its a concealer as well as a foundation infused in one bottle of be rest assured that it will cover those back marks and spot and gives a coverage finish, no need to apply peach/orange corrector (WOC) . This makes up lasts for about 10 hours if you have Normal, Dry to combination but about 8 hours if you have oily skin.

Mary Kay Foundations - This is a very controversial foundation for me to discuss because there is a lot of fake out there like spotting the original is such a struggle that i have declined purchasing it in nigeria anymore.But this foundation has been my Ride or die foundation,I have been using this foundation since i started wearing makeup at age 18 and it has never failed. It gives me a matte coverage and its perfect for all occasions and it lasts for up to 18 hours without a need for touching up; however if you have oily skin you may need to blot and touch up with powder after 6 hours.

Black Opal Stick Foundation - Not only if this brand a black owned makeup line but their foundations are amazing.They are a full coverage foundation that just sits well on the skin; i like to use this foundation on my clients and the dark shades are great for cream contouring as well. And the best part of this foundation is that it lasts for agessss!! and in the hot weather it sticks to your face like glue.

Mac Nourishing Waterproof foundation - As you can tell by the name its waterproof and i can happily tell you it is water proof and different from other mac foundations- its a light weight and full coverage foundation which glides onto the skin effortlessly. They have got such a wide color range for WOC and it has been a staple in my Kit to use on brides. Although its pricey am not going to lie but trust me its worth it and it lasts for over 12 hours on all skin types regardless of the season.

NYX total control drop foundation - I recently purchased this foundation for my personal use about two months ago and let me tell you i have been loving it and so you want to know the two great news about this foundation? Not only is it water based but its cheappp too! ( Awoof day run belle ) The consistency is great and although its not entirely full coverage foundation, it is buildable to get that full coverage and this also sticks on my face like glue. I have been reaching for this foundation constantly audit has never failed me.

The listed foundations are pretty much affordable - if you want better thing na money kill am!

As will all foundations a great primer as a base before your foundation will allow your makeup to last 3x longer than without a primer ( stay tuned for the best top 5 primers of 2017 post)

P.S : BEWARE OF BUYING FAKE MAKEUP PRODUCTS ( i will be sharing top 7 trusted makeup vendors/retailers in nigeria very soon so keep an eye out on the blog)

Let us know in the comment sections what foundation you are currently using and if you have used any of the listed foundation share your thoughts, We’d love to hear from you