TiTiKamarah: The Lady, Her Love, Her Art….

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True believers, my waka waka has brought you another exciting scoop o!!! I am scintillated about this one, maybe it’s because she’s a beauty to behold… or I have been smitten by her effortless gait, her daunting panache in the studio or just simply put, (Na woman). Yes!!! People, our very first amazon on the . How do I start? Ok I dey for one event like that for Surulere, I was on one of those compering gigs where I dazzled as usual (Mc toh ta l’enu) “I dey pepper for mouth”, the ambience of the stage art was heavenly, the burst of colours, the mesh of endless creativity in the design, the balancing, “I am using words that best help me” try to describe what I saw. I thought to myself, “awon Oyinbo yi sha” translated “these white folks” Americana wonder. I loved the beauty of the pictures I took at that event and sheer curiosity and awe made me ask about the vendor that set up the stage. Wall art TiTiKamara Paper Art TiTiKamara But alas she had left, no one knew where this whimsical creature had gone. Oh no!!! what a disaster, I would never find my again… because I was sure I wanted to marry this “Oyinbo creative”. I was about to leave when a nice gentleman walked up to me and said TiTiKamarah is my friend, “Is that supposed to to me?” Long story short he gave me her number, I called and spoke in my most polished “British accent” way better than John Champion and Jim Beglin, She sounded black but my mind no want gree, we decided to have a meeting so I could see more of this amazing creative, she gave me the address to her make shift studio where she kept most of her art and on the faithful day, I walked into Yaba College of Technology, Akoka. The entrance of the Arts faculty brought more awe to my already enchanted disposition, I had truly found love… Ladies and Gentlemen, my Oyinbo na Yoruba, from Ogun state, Nigeria… In her own words I am one half of a set of Identical Twins (She fine reach you I asked)..laughs, my name is Salisu Titilope, I have love for things made by hand and that made me pursue a career in Art, I am an ex-student of the prestigious Yaba College of Technology Akoka. Hats by TiTiKamara Love photo (3) double up photo 2 I love art and I came to study Fine and Applied Art, I was discovered here in this beautiful place. I love graphics, painting, pencil art, name any form of art, I am in love, but above all I love Paper Quiling. It’s not a very common form of art, because it is a pain staking and detail attentive process, it’s unique in its form and can be used to interpret anything on or outside the planet that the mind can conceive. The words from this young amazon were deep and alluring, I wanted to keep listening but she said lets speak in pictures, here are a few of her works, and she even made one while I waited. Meet TiTiKamara photo 2 (1) TitiKamara photo (1) Lest I forget people, meet our discovery of the week the amazing event and interiors decorator, Paper Quilor, Bouquet fabricator, beauty accessories and arts designer, Portraits maker… Ladies and gents; TiTiKamarah… Find out more about this beautiful artiste on these handles: Facebook:  Titi Lope Instagram: @Kamarah_craft One on one call: 08136980638 Thanks for Reading, please if you are discoverable show us the light and we will tell the world about you. Send an email to discoveredthisweekonbuzz@gmail.com  or tag @i_amt8710 on twitter and @t8710Chazown on Instagram. Find your passion this week and never ever let go, Cheers.  

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    April 4, 2017 at 8:06 am

    Wow! Such gifted hands.