Tiny Squashes Feud With T.I. Moves Back To Live With Him

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Tiny and husband T.I.  have at the moment resolved any issues between them as she moves in with him.

As reported on Hollywoodlife, Tameka '' Harris and T.I. have worked out their problems after months of attempted by the couple.  However, despite the fact that Tiny as moved in and is now living with the father of her ,  she has not given up her personal apartment.

Insiders reveal that although the couple are back together after months of feud, Tiny is maintaining her apartment as a backup plan if things don't work out as planned at any point.

An insider said, “T.I. & Tiny are living together again but she’s not ready to give up her house yet. ” 

Adding that, “That’s her security and she likes having it. If things stay the way they are right now there’ll come a time when she’s ready to let it go but right now she wants to have it as her backup plan.”