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I was on location for a photo-shoot last week with a client who intends to run a digital marketing campaign. It was quite draining to be honest. Since I was the one that advised they had a photo-shoot, I had to supervise. As we progressed into the shoot, the photographer called me and said 'Mr Yomi..we do not need make-up for most of these . I'm not focusing on their faces so they can pass without make-up'. I approached the make-up artiste and passed the message, advising her to save her energy. I respect people that are good with their craft and she has a reputation to be one. So there was no point for her to prove anything to me.

Somehow, I got engrossed with some other things I was doing..I think I was going through the mood board or so. Several minutes later, I looked up and found the photographer sitting, I was like 'Wetin happen, why are you not shooting? He just nodded and looked in the direction of the make up artiste. I was close to being upset. 'Walked up to her and raised my hand to gesticulate my frustrations. "Madam, I will pay you for a day's job. Whether you make up for 1 or 20 models. We already have an agreement" She just smiled and instantly let the model go. So all along, she was thinking she didn't work on so many of the models, I might want to renegotiate. Madam..Agreement na Agreement!

Now this brings to what I want to share with you all today. If no one has ever paid for a service that you rendered, you need to go get a job or learn a trade or better still perfect a skill. If the reverse is your case, then I beg you to take a second look at that business. That 'small' business is the ticket for your wealth.

If any 'small' business has a proven ability to generate 'small income' then it automatically has the potential to bring in 'MASSIVE INCOME'. Rewind to the starting point and ask yourself these questions: How did I come about this idea? What did I have in mind? How was I expecting to make money from this idea? If the idea was genuinely yours, the answers will flow back except if you've never asked yourself those questions.

Turn to a business coach or a mentor and share with him/her your 'articulated' plan. Better still, get someone to develop a business plan for you. The two things you need at this stage is information and the ability to stay focused. CAPITAL is secondary! The role of a coach/mentor is to guide you into getting some capital.

When you decide to launch out, start with what you have. Don't wait for that perfect time when your expected capital is available. Leverage on some available resource like friends and families. Former colleagues will come in handy at this moment. Sharpen your relationship management skill and learn how to be discerning. Opportunities come in different shades. If you can spot them and act decisively while putting on your wisdom cap, you are surely on your way to building some wealth for yourself.

See you at the top!

Yomi Olaniwun

@thebbbuzz (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram)

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    September 21, 2016 at 6:11 pm

    Nice one!