‘There Is No Love Without Money . . . I Can’t Marry A Poor Man’ – Iyabo Ojo

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Gallant actress comes out very blunt on what kind of man she will be ready to marry. Iyabo is not throwing away the cards after her first marriage failed. She says she is open and willing to try again but she has a standard that may hurt some men feelings. The vibrant actress emphasized that there is no where there is no money.

“If marriage comes along, yes I will consider it. Then, I used to say that I didn’t want to get married again because of the stress involved. Now, I have had a rethink. But I can’t marry a poor man. Some people will say I shouldn’t say that, but I am a blunt person. For someone like me, there is no love without money. I am a celebrity and I am expected to maintain a certain lifestyle, which is expensive.”

Iyabo Ojo also admitted that there is no perfect man in her own perspective as everyone has one flaw or the other.

“We all have our defects. When you keep looking for an ideal man, a good one will pass you by. I just need a man who is responsible for himself first before me. Once he is hungry for success, every other thing will follow.”

Another criteria for her would be husband and partner would be a man who does not feel insecure about her success but someone who is better and more successful than she is.

“The kind of man I want in my life has to be more successful than me. When I bought my personal assistant a car, people said I didn’t want her to marry. I told them that I don’t expect her to marry someone who does not have a car as well. You say what you want out of life; we shouldn’t deceive ourselves. It is a choice to die in poverty and I have chosen not to die in poverty. I cannot flow with someone who wants to die in poverty,”