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A story was told of an elderly Lady who served as a maid to a very rich family. She was very diligent and had worked for them for about 30 years. The Master of the house relieved her of her duties because the family was moving to the other side of town and the journey would be too much for the old maid. Just before he left, he gave her an envelope and thanked her for being so faithful. She left a bit unhappy. 'Just an envelope' she mumbled to herself as she made the long walk... home. She framed the little piece of paper that the envelope contained. With no and a frail back, she was not fit for any other job. She became very ill and lay bed bound for much of her days. All she did was count down till she her last breath. When she could no longer sustain her own breath, departed from her body. Family members were informed and some were able to pay their last respects. While packing some of her personal effects, they came across a dusty frame on the wall. It resembled an old family picture. Layer after layer of dust was cleaned to reveal a cheque to the tune of a million pounds. It was made out to the deceased by her former employer. Are you shocked? A woman who more or less died of poverty literarily sitting on a million pounds without knowing. As unfortunate and sad as this story may sound, that's how a lot of us as Nigerians live. Struggling with heartaches and disappointments, poverty and disease, depression and low self esteem. The is endless. These are things that have already been paid for! Paid for in excess for that matter. The truth is, there's nothing new Jesus needs to do for you. He has already sorted you out! That's why he said ' it is finished' at the cross (John 19.30). He came on assignment to this world and guess what, he finished it and declared you Saved (John 8:36), Rich ( 2 Corinthians 8:9) and Whole ( Isaiah 53:5). So flaunt your cheque which is the word and cash it with your faith and your confessions. Stop short changing yourself. May the eyes of your understanding be enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints. Good Morning friends. Kindly share this By Pastor Ituah Ighodalo