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Fade Ogunro is the third of four children from Ekiti State. She is a radio presenter for the Beat 99.9FM, a tv producer, occasionally a freelance journalist....and you can now add TV presenter to the list, thanks to Glam Report TV. Fade grew up in Media and as her father and brother are both in the industry. She studied for a degree in journalism and creative writing in Roehampton University, UK. Fade Ogunro works closely as a producer with her older brother, Sesan, who is a director. They have produced various tv commercials and documentaries together. Leaving Nigeria at the age of 8 and growing up in the UK, Fade learnt to speak French and Spanish. You can describe her as outgoing, hardworking and extremely creative. In her words, I believe in loving what you do and I all my jobs. I love the media and I envision myself impacting African media both behind the cameras as a producer and in front as a presenter....well that's the 3 year plan. When it comes to , I'm a shoe junkie! I start getting ready by deciding which shoes I want to wear first then create an outfit around it. I wear a lot of Nigerian clothing labels, I'm incredibly proud of the talent we have. My beauty regime is simple, cleanse daily and wear SPF 30 sunscreen. I'm not a fan of exercise, however, I try to eat healthy, drink a lot of water and dance a lot.