The Media Is Making Psquare Breakup Saga Worse – D’banj

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Back in 2012, the Nigerian landscape quaked with the news of the Mo'Hits breakup involving D'banj and .

In the same vein, D'banj who now own DB Records and CREAM platform has said that the media is magnifying the conflict than what it is.

The kokomaster also mentioned that he suffered the same fate when he split from his former partner Don Jazzy during the Mo'Hits era.

“The media should sit back and let them settle their issues amicably. They’ re making it worse by writing all sorts of stories about them. Brothers will always fight and get back as brothers, but the media should not write negative stories in a bid to make money off the headlines” he said.

The father of one also said, "Remember I almost became a victim of the media back then when I left Mo’ Hits, but I thank my stars that I pulled through and I am still here."