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Welcome back to ‘In Pursuit of your Dreams’. Last time, we looked at the importance of sharing the ‘True You’ to the world. This time around we need to look at the first critical factor needed to being successful in . I have always believed that in order for you to achieve a certain degree of success, you have to have the right keys. For every door you desire to be opened unto you, you need the right key. However wouldn’t it be nice to have a master key? If you were anything me; you would have asked yourself. Over the last 10 years I have studied numerous people who you can say have been successful or are at least considered great in some capacity or another and I have discovered that there is a master key and it is called “knowledge”. I have found that these people know what a lot of other people do not know. What sets them apart is their level of knowledge. We can only achieve in life, as far as we know and we can only know as much as we learn and are willing to learn. I’m sure you have heard the words “knowledge is power”. It is honestly true. Most times the most powerful is not the one who has the biggest chest or muscle but the one who KNOWS (has a knowledge of) his opponents weakness. Let me ask: what do you know about what you aim to become in life? Can you tell me the relevant knowledge needed for you to become the person you desire to be? So you want to be a world-renowned entrepreneur like, Bill Gates, Mike Adenuga or Aliko Dangote? Or Nobel Laureate like Prof. Wole Soyinka? Or an acclaimed Neurosurgeon like Ben Carson? Well do you know what they know? I believe you always have to consider the “Knowledge Factor” and the necessary knowledge needed to achieve your dreams. You also have to be willing to acquire this knowledge through learning and being inquisitive about everything that might contribute to your success. The question you might be asking now is; how do you know what you need to know? Well the basic thing is developing a desire and a passion to want to know in the first place. You then need to get a paper out and underline what you need to know and then develop a passion that propels you to acquire the knowledge. SIMPLE! Albert Einstein (German born American Physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity also Nobel Prize winner 1921) once said, “I have no particular , I am merely inquisitive”. We all ought to be inquisitive about what we want to be and do. The master key is to be inquisitive and thirst after the needed knowledge. Next time we will be looking at the importance of passion.