The Kritikal Buzz with Dami B and Xplizitsouljah – 2

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Hot Buzz: T. R. – G.O.D. ft Modenine & VeeDee Dami B: I’m very impressed with both the song and video for ‘Grabbing Our Destiny- G.O.D’. Even though I don’t understand the Igbo language I love the way VeeDee come across on the chorus and his delivery in the video. Modenine proves why he is called a legend. Xplizitsouljah: This video takes me back to 90’s Hip-Hop. Very grungy, simple and straightforward. Simply put, it exemplifies the idea that "less is more". Dami B: I agree, the video is simple but effective. No cheesy gimmicks and not one 'big booty babe' shaking her ass....It’s refreshing to watch! Xplizitsouljah: Yes, I would commend Terry for not going the ‘half naked dancers’ way. He is brave enough to keep it simple. This simplicity will take the video to the next level. The energy from the artists really pulls you in, Dami B: Totally, I’m definitely now a fan of Veedee, from the energy and swag I saw from him in this. Xplizitsouljah: Veedee is of the track and brings the same energy to the video. Terry is fresh for a veteran and again Modenine displays why he is a legendary rapper in Nigeria. There are some videos that do more damage to a good song but as good as this song is, the video adds value to it. I would give it a 9/10 and this is solely because I am unsure of how the video would have turned out if it was a big budget video. Dami B: I’m almost glad it wasn’t a ‘big budget video’ because guaranteed it would not have had the same effect. Raw creativity and talent is evident in this video and song. I rate this video as 8/10 and look forward to seeing more visuals from all three, T.R, Veedee and Modenine Fresh Buzz: Kemm – Blame The Bartender Dami B: First impressions of this’s quite good,... but it could have been better. Xplizitsouljah: Kudos to Kemm. I respect his artistry but I must be honest, there should have been more to this video. Dami B: For me, more depth was needed and I have seen previous videos from Kemm and there needs to be a wider selection of video models. Xplizitsouljah: I haven’t seen the previous videos and I don’t want to compare them to this one so I’ll speak on this alone. The pictures are clean and crisp but the story element is lacking. Dami B: I agree, the visuals are on point, good editing, but I was expecting more of a club scene since it’s called ‘Blame the Bartender’. It was a bit surprising to see an outside ‘barbeque’ type of setting! Xplizitsouljah: It does appear like a cookout situation, but I was looking for why we need to blame the bartender? For me, this was lost in the video scenario and there was nothing suggestive of an ‘alcoholic’ situation apart from the drinks we saw in one scene. Dami B: Yes, because the scene of the bartender pouring some shots came up just once or twice, it should have been revisited again and again to drive home the point that anything that went down that night is the fault of the bartender. Xplizitsouljah: certainly, there should have been a club setting with a prominent bar situation which would have led to the eventual cause of shifting the blame onto the bartender. I would want to believe this video may have been rushed. All in all, this was good, but it wasn't a conceptual video. My rating for this video will be 4/10 and this is for the crisp, clear and pictorials. Dami B: I am generally impressed with the quality of the visuals and commend the artist Kemm. I am proud of any music or videos that are from our city of Manchester. However, a more defined concept would have really shifted this video to a greater level for me, but the imagery & visuals are stunning and the editing is professionally done. My rating for this video is 6/10. This is also due to the good clear efforts that have been put into this project