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Fresh Buzz: ft D'Banj - Double Wahala part 2 DJ Xplizitsouljah: There's something about this song which the video has really projected. That is D'Banj is BACK in his elements, going by this visuals. After his Mo'Hits split it was easy to dismiss him but this video shows that he's not done at all and I hope he carries on! Dami B: The visuals to this video are stunning. As I watch it, I get an overwhelming feeling to want to book tickets to LA, lol! Absolutely Beautiful Scenery. I have to agree, Xplizitsouljah I'm so glad to see D'banj back again, perhaps even stronger. I’m sure the lyrics of this song mean something personal to him? DJ Xplizitsouljah: Flashy lifestyle a la Balling Things all the way! Interesting that you see LA because I see Miami beach…… Dami B: The only slightly cliché thing about this visuals is the girls.....They don’t add anything to it for me. Take them out and this would have been 100% or A+ for me, because the message of the song is strong enough and the concept of the video was strong enough to not need the girls. DJ Xplizitsouljah: I actually think that the girls are tailored to the baller lifestyle, but truth be told it added nothing to the overall for me either. Well I do know what Koko Garri looks like now, haha, and the gold earphones D'Banj has endorsed so I can thank the video for that! Dami B: Exactly, the other thing I couldn’t help but notice is obviously the advertising for Dre Beats, but I'm not particularly mad at it because I know so many artists do brand placements in their videos....all I can say is $$$!!! DJ Xplizitsouljah: Well the song is nice and Oritse Femi is not in question. Also I'll call this the return of D'Banj. Moe Musa is an ace director and it's quite obvious why that is. I gift the video 7/10 slaps. Dami B: I love that they gave Garri its first ever international advert, all we need to see now is Kanye West drinking garri too LOL! But I have to say that Moe Musa proves why he is one of the most sought after directors in the game! He never fails to impress with his creative ideas! I rate this video overall 9/10. Oritse Femi shines in this video, I love the swag, and welcome back D'banj, hope to see more hits from you in 2015! Hot Buzz: - My Darling DJ Xplizitsouljah: I remember saying Mrs Tiwa Savage didn't bring the A game on the acting side from the Pasuma video for ‘Ife’ but she really went for the kill on this one playing a grandmother. She got her groove back like Stella. Dami B: I love almost everything about this video. Tiwa playing the grandmother was clever and sweet to watch. She reminds us why we loved watching her in Shuga. Great acting here. DJ Xplizitsouljah: The grandmother of the bride role really got you connected and adds a great backstory to the video.That reminiscing on the dead grandfather was emotional enough to glue you to the screen. Dami B: What I didn't like is the overuse and overkill of the 'shoki' dance. She always seems to do this dance in alot of her recent videos. It's not always necessary and it doesn’t always fit. It seems as though she is forcing herself to dance at times? DJ Xplizitsouljah: Well I'm personally not bothered by the dance as it is because I like the dance so it's not an issue for me. My turn off was Tiwa in a white dress akin to a bride and not on the beach or in a desert and she has no shoes on? I would rather we didn't see her feet but it cannot go ignored (connection issues)! Dami B: Well, I repeat the shoki dance wasn’t needed. Why though does she need to be in a beach or desert? How would that add to the story? I would have preferred to have seen proper black and white scenes when reminiscing, that would have made it clearer that this is an olden day memory……. DJ Xplizitsouljah: Well the picture quality of the scenes in that area did it justice so I'm not mad at it at all. And with the question you asked, note I said it's about the shoes. If she was at a beach or desert then not wearing shoes would be justified but not for this location and depiction of a ‘once upon a time bride else they could have gone the Oleku way and that would have been perfect Dami B: Oh right, I get what you're saying now. But you know some women opt to go shoeless when they are at the wedding reception part even still in their white dress, so that they can DANCE properly! For me the ‘no shoes’ issue is noticeable, but not really a problem! It's different! But I agree that the white wedding dress could have been confusing to viewers if they didn’t finish the video to the end, because you later realise that the scenes in her wedding dress are connected to her reminiscing about her young husband. But at first you may be confused thinking "but Tiwa isn't the one getting married na"....LOL DJ Xplizitsouljah: Exactly, but did a great job with this and it really is a great short story but with my reservation as per the shoes I give this video eight out of ten slaps (8/10 if you are confused) LOL! Dami B: Tiwa's voice is beautiful and the video has a great overall concept and lovely storyline behind it. I'm always about female empowerment so I love that it was a female director behind this! I think Kemi Adetiba did a fabulous job, it wasn't perfect, nonetheless. I would have loved to see Tiwa dance in some old school ballroom dancing with her and the guy. But I like the video regardless so my rating is also 8/10!     


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    I love the way you guys handle the interview its awesome and its good that Eja N’la is back at least from the first few line ………….. Can’t wait to watch the video

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    big boys talks entertainment…. sense making though

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    December 2, 2014 at 4:55 pm

    Wow that music is superb. Femi and musa did a wonderful job there but i think D’banj was amazing even though i dont understand Yoruba but the sound, pictures was ok and d lirix sound good too. I also saw Koko garri 4 d first time and i think its going to be a nice product from the way they were enjoying d garri. On the secon pix, i only saw Tiwa on a wedding dress. I couldnt open it cus there was no link there. All d same this is cool.

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    Interesting converse….but i’m yet to see the vdeo
    so i will reserve my oqn critical comments.until then

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    Interesting converse….but i’m yet to see the vdeo
    so i will reserve my own critical comments.until then

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    Hahahahahaha, did you get to see tiwa as a grandma without the earring on the nose. Well i did. I liked the acting skills she attached to it, the emotions were on point. It was lovely, bt dat shoki bad gan. As 4 double wahala remix, am yet to watch d video

  20. Gloria janet

    December 2, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    Hahahahahaha, did you get to see tiwa as a grandma without the earring on the nose. Well i did. I liked the acting skills she attached to it, the emotions were on point. It was lovely, bt dat shoki bad gan. As 4 double wahala remix, am yet to watch d video.

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    The two videos on BBBuzz make so much sense especially Tiwa Savage’s “my darling” Don Jazzy remain top producer still….the beat is supercool and yes the storyline hit the nail on the head.By the way….I dont think D’Banj is looking his best with the way he trimmed his beard!

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    Since the song is strong enough and the video is good that means good combination.Kanye West drinking garri too that will never happen.Nice n impressive analyses.

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    good lord this video is awesome……….banger lee is back