The Kritical Buzz with Dami B and DJ Xplizitsouljah (3)

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Fresh Buzz- Babz- Safe Trouble DJ Xplizitsouljah: At the start of the video I hear Babz say I just finished my last chemo...... Dami B: Yes, it's about his journey through cancer, he was very ill..... DJ Xplizitsouljah: Ok, Interesting backstory which helps to understand the celebration mode of the video. Also the purpose of the doctor and nurse. Dami B: I think it was both clever and creative to bring in the nurse and doctor. A good example of visuals that actually coincides with the lyrics & content of the song. DJ Xplizitsouljah: Quite inspirational if you ask me and there are quite a number of people that can relate to it. Dami B: I agree, I know this video was released a few weeks ago, but I felt it was important to review this because there are not many videos of this nature. I’ve seen enough videos with booty shaking women!, and it’s refreshing to see something with a positive, inspirational meaning like you said. DJ Xplizitsouljah: Correct, I should say I admire the techniques employed for this video. It's somewhat off kilter so you don't see the usual or expected. The dance routine is themed to the notion of the backstory and the video itself gives that transition from grey days to happy days! Dami B: Yes, the dancers gave us a good narrative of the story... I would have liked to have seen more personal footage through the video, such as the footage that the video begins with. I love videos that go back & forth, giving us more of a glimpse of the real person, not just the artist. This could have been done by including more real footage and some pictures of his time in hospital, it would have really drawn us into his world at that time living with Cancer. DJ Xplizitsouljah: I understand what you mean, all in all, It's quite a breath of fresh air really and with that said I give it a pass mark of 8/10. Dami B: Overall, I am impressed with the video, the song is effective, and as you know, I am always in support of Manchester based talent. So Xplizitsouljah I agree with you, for once, LOL. I give this an 8/10 also!  Hot Buzz- ft – Skelemba DJ Xplizitsouljah: I should admit right off the bat that I'm not taken much by this song..... No disrespect to Olamide but this track lacks the fire power or the magic potion as evident in his other songs. Dami B: Ok, the most memorable thing about the song is the catchy chorus! Apart from that it doesn’t make much impact to me..... But it’s clearly going to be a popular club banger creating the latest in a sea of ‘dance crazes’. DJ Xplizitsouljah: Even the superstar heavyweight Don Jazzy guesting on the song didn't afford the song any sparkles. Dami B: I have to agree, I rate Don Jazzy quite highly but if you take his feature out of this track, it doesn’t make much difference....but you know, sometimes the featuring name alone is enough to attract us to an otherwise forgettable song. DJ Xplizitsouljah: Exactly, That being said, the video is characterised by colours and African attires with dancing. These to me are the elements that will probably make you watch the video to the end. Dami B: The colours are the main reason I watched to the end. The body painted models covered in gold, the belly dancer and the dancers in ‘warrior’ type African attire, and of course the UV Glow in the Dark paint & lights was quite mesmerising to watch....Very creative! Don Jazzy looks on point as usual, the main video model chosen has an interesting look....she’s definitely cute.... DJ Xplizitsouljah: There's a lot of colours and the occasional rump shaking but the elements I have listed previously and the colours are the image maker for this video. 6/10 slaps is what I'd give this video. Dami B: The creativeness of the video has saved this song so for me I rate it 7/10 due to its heavy focus on promoting the African culture demonstrated throughout the video in form of dance, costume, language and beat.  Check out Dami B and DJ Xplizitsouljah profiles below:  


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    I follow on Twitter @davidwhyme I love both dami and DJ Xploizitsuoljah like die

  2. Goodness Ujah

    November 18, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    The video is really gud n inspiring. its one of its kind and african culture was highly promoted. wish other musicians can learn from this. KUDOS

  3. Goodness Ujah

    November 18, 2014 at 3:01 pm

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