The Essence Of Life

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I've spent the last couple of days reflecting over the essence of . Sitting at the Brighton Pier bay enjoying the ocean breeze relaxing with an ice cream. The thought of the essence of life came... Is it just by eating, enjoying the sun, relaxing, meeting people, making new friends, with happiness, in sorrow, studying, in working, in making money, in doing what one loves? All of these thoughts came again while on my way back to Stockholm.... The essence of life... Really, i could not place my finger on the answer. While in my world of 'the essence of life'. There were signs and written texts around me that depicts and means something... Something that can be read and be interpreted... Then It came to my mind , education, education... Whether formal or informal.  This is the key... Yeah, the key, is this the essence of life? I asked myself and sighed! Well, there are people who have never been through the four walls of the school, don't they acquire a form education? I kept on... Those who have had the privilege to be within the four  walls of the school, is that the end of our learning process? There is a proverb that says 'in the making of many books there is no end'. This is definitely not emphasizing only on book publishing or endless text production. I believe this means that in learning and acquiring of knowledge there is no end. Oh! Yeah, the essence of life... Knowledge acquisition, learning process, studies, acquisition of wisdom and development of oneself... Yeah, this is the essence of life... I believe. Why not join me in the journey of the essence of life part 2. Yemi Oladunjoye