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Love is supposed to be selfless. A man cannot give what he doesn't have. comes with conditions then it isn't love worth celebrating. The conditional love will last as long as it's conditions are met. Once it's conditions are out of reach or unattainable, then the love is out of reach. Always be leery of  conditional love that goes with favorable conditions.
Unconditional love on the other hand doesn't ask for anything in return. It gives without expecting, and loves without limitations. It's attributes are way out of the ordinary because it doesn't operate in the physical. This unconditional love is spiritually controlled, and it operates in a spirit controlled person.
Nothing operates in the physical unless it's empowered in the spiritual. Therefore to love someone else without limitations can be achieved only if it is fueled by God in the spiritual. How can one die for someone else without any asking anything in return? Love like that cannot be physically attained because the spiritual sustains it.
A father can barely die for his own wife, not to talk of his own children? Even if one decides to do so, at the mere presence of a gun, knife, or any dangerous weapon, the individual will deny he ever agreed to such. To die for someone else is really a supernatural thing, and cannot be achieved in the natural.
There is 'The King,' who came to dwell among men, and left His royal throne, and mansions, to be born in a manger like an ordinary man, just for Him to be able to achieve His mission. He never did anything wrong, other than to love humanity completely. His love for the world made Him a sheep to be slaughtered, so as to accomplish the purpose of His mission, which is to take the keys of your destiny from the accuser, satan, and give you abundance life. The Son of God became the son of man, for sons of man to become the sons of God. Now, that is selfless love! The perfect and best gift ever!
The King, with all the benefits of royalty, left it all to pursue you to redemption! Isn't that the greatest gift of all? Now we can now pursue our dreams and attain them if we quit not. We can command, speak boldly, and watch our words become actions. Most importantly, we can now talk to our Heavenly Father without satan, accusing us or making us feel guilty about ANYTHING!
On this Resurrection Sunday, take a moment to appreciate His unconditional love, which without, we wouldn't be where we are today. Jesus Christ is the reason for this season, therefore celebrate Him wholeheartedly. Never count what He did as common or ordinary, because no man born of a woman can die for another if the power of God is not mightily resting upon such. This is the kind of love that needs to be celebrated always.  The best gift of all! 🙂
Happy Resurrection.
Debbie Kuks
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