The beauty product your #GloUp needs

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The product your #GloUp needs

Currently, the Lagos weather is oddly bipolar, while the season says rainy the sun breaks through the days for surprising appearances. The swift weather changes can leave your awfully dull.

Being on my quest for free glowy skin-except my craze for highlighters- I just found what might be the next best skincare product and it is all ORGANIC!

Cue a beauty essential as the name aptly says Sophie's B&B essential glow scrub is the truth and some gospel.

Adding this coarsely delicious scrub to my very minimal beauty routine made all the difference the past month.

Loaded with sugar, turmeric and lord knows what other goodness, I used the scrub religiously for two weeks on dry skin first and the result was fresh and clean pores and a really soft glow to my skin!

Two weeks into my use of the Glow scrub, I saw a review tweet from one of the brand's customer who had added some honey to her mix- I noticed it was a little too grainy for me too so I added some honey to mine and the result was even better!

The BBBuzz Beauty review

Sophie's B&B essential glow scrub

The mix became easier to manage and the honey boosted the glow on my skin.

I use the Sophie's B&B essential glow scrub at least four times a week all over my body with focus to my face, knees, elbows and armpit. The result is lighter, cleaner glowy skin!

As a true supporter of the #BuyAfrican #BuyNigerian product, this is a great addition to the growing organic beauty industry. While this is the only product from the brand I have tried, they boast a wide range of organic products that help achieve that flawless skin that we all crave.

The best part is the scrub has no gender preference. You read right fellas! Even you can have amazing skin just ask @SophietheMUA.