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Choi the packaging women do these days sha! Spotless face on fleek, be like??? on fleek, nails on fleek, curves on fleek- ERRYTHING FAKE! Don’t get me wrong I my babe made up and looking good, but I don’t like deception. Yesterday while chatting up a friend, he complained bitterly about how girls could be very deceptive. He met a babe some weeks ago who had him at ‘hello’. He gushed about her so much that I was eager to behold this beauty! Today however, he informed me that he was no longer interested in her because she turned out to be the exact opposite of what he was attracted to- she has flat butts! (My friend is a ‘yansh’ guy and she was wearing fake butts when they met!) Granted, beauty is not everything, but guys are very visual creatures, even the ‘Holy Brothers’ drool after beautiful girls. I wish ladies understood how important it is for a man to dig you as you are. Packaging is good, but done to a point of deceit, is dangerous. It is okay to package things for the first few dates, after which it is very important to let the guy see you just as you are. I know guys who have NEVER seen their girlfriends without make-up or wearing their own God given hair. If you let him see the real you, he will stay if he is yours, if you don’t have what he wants, he will leave. In any case, what each guy sees as beautiful is so different that you don’t need to aspire to unreasonable standards to impress anyone. Someone somewhere will find you beautiful, someday. You had better let him see the real you on time in order to avoid getting trapped in an unhappy relationship. Guys, get smart. Like pregnancy, beauty can be tested. The following tests will not fail you and if you like what you find after all the deception is peeled, bravo!
  1. If you are the kinda guy who is attracted to massive boobs, you need to get your female friends to check out her boobies within the 1st week- bras be platform and padded these days.
  2. If you are the ‘bum’ guy like my friend, your female friends need to check out her bum, panties be padded these days so you can’t trust that all perfectly rounded butts are real.
  3. If you are a sucker for long hair like me, run your hands through her hair- You can tell her that you would like to go on a date, and you would want her to wear her own hair, washed and curled the old school way. There are lace wigs that look like real hair so you need to feel her scalp to be sure. Some girls are actually bald underneath their wigs!
  4. Compare her present lashes with her lashes in a decade old pictures. Lashes don’t grow like hair. If you will have naturally long lashes, you will have them from birth.
  5. Go for a long swim together to get all that foundation off. If she has freckles or blackheads, you will know.
  6. Have her wear a bikini, that way you’ll know if that tiny waist is as a result of body magic.
  7. I haven’t figured out how to test for bleaching, cos bleaching these days is on another level, no telltale dark knuckles anymore!
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  1. Egwuatu Mary

    January 25, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    Hmmmm some ladies are really faking everything about their body from head to toe. Let’s be real, the men we try to do these things for still wants to see the real you and not just your packages. Like someone I know would say, if you want to know a beautiful woman, give her a surprise visit in the morning just when she wakes up.

  2. Chibuike Ani

    January 25, 2017 at 2:55 pm

    It’s honourable to be urself.

  3. idris yayah

    January 25, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    To me most naija girls are pretty but i jus cant
    comprehend why they put on heavy make up.
    light make up is ok for dem.

  4. Adeyemi Adeleye

    January 25, 2017 at 9:53 pm

    That’s one thing we guys need to be very careful and watch when choosing who to settle down with. It’s not always cool to appear ‘fake’ to your partner and that’s why the real YOU must be clear at the beginning.