‘Tatu’ Is Okay But A lot Of Things Would Have Been Done Better

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Movie Title: ‘Tatu’

Directed By: Don Omope

Executive Producer: Lord Tanner

Starring: Segun Arinze, Toyin Abraham, Gabriel Afolayan, Desmond Elliot, Kunle Idowu, , Hafiz Oyetoro, Sambasa Nzeribe, Frank Donga, Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi etc.

Tatu is a contemporary African epic and adventure story. The movie is a fast-paced action drama that tells the story of a conflict rising from a mother’s quest to have child.

The movie is adapted from a book written by Abraham Nwankwo, narrates the story of a woman (Larayi) in desperate need of a child as played by Toyin Abraham. She makes the terrible mistake of seeking an offspring through a diabolical cult headed by Narimana whose character is brought to life by Segun Arinze.

Such strange and highly fetish birth don’t go without an unwanted consequence or outrageous price such as a blood sacrifice to compensate for what has been given. This is the highly troubled life of Tatuma as played by once ostracized Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau.

Unknown to both mother and daughter, the Uzeburu cult had destined Tatuma as an oblatory because she bears a sacred mark of destruction on her chest. Her birth also saw the emergence of her ‘destined huntsman’ Kamani portrayed by Sambasa Neribe with a singular task of monitoring her. Tatuma and Kamani grow up in different worlds until when their paths are destined to meet.

Larayi is aware the Uzeburu cult would use her only daughter to sacrifice for the sins of the by being burnt on a stake. She dares the cult by moving her daughter out of the reach. Kamani, Tatuma’s destined huntsman goes on a speechless rampage to bring back the ‘sacrifice’.

The movie is one that brings so much anticipation to any new viewer but such anxiety is met with certain unexplainable twists which dampen the thrill.

Gabriel Afolayan, Kunle Idowu and Hafiz Oyetoro bring the much-needed comic relieve to the epic and adventure-themed African movie. There would be no better comic actors you would think of to better deliver on the role.

The cast was perfect for each role they were drafted to act, however, there are several instances of ‘over-acting’ on the path of the actors. A great deal of work was put in by the star-studded film to bring all the characters they represent to live. Kamani, as played by Sambasa Nzeribe, was menacing even though he uttered to cogent words throughout the entire movie. Segun Arinze did fantastic in his role too.

Don Omope who is the movie director although this is not his best work, tried as much as he could to liven the cinematography. Although there are a few questions marks dotted all over the movie however it is plausible. The entire plot of the movie is refreshing. I really liked the village setting and the effort made into building the sets. I also feel the costumes and special effects could have been much better.

Verdict: Tatu the movie overall okay, but high expectations maybe met with certain pitfalls that could dampen all prior excitement and frenzy. As an epic and adventurous African movie, Tatu fits the bill because there aren’t any African movies in this genre that are far better.

Finally, a lot of things would have been done better.

Rating: 6/10