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How happy are you at your workplace? Are you facing challenges little fulfilment, lack of any say at work, Internal or rigid company structure? You think it’s too much for you to handle and you are hating your job for it?

Hold on, before you drop that resignation letter in a bid to find a loving job you would and have passion for, we bring to you three simple ways of loving your current job. Enjoy!

  • Love the way you do your thing!

You might want to quit because you probably feel you are not good enough or because of that colleague of yours that does it better than you. Hey, buddy! You are amazing in your own way, ignore the job and admire the way you do it. Love your techniques, ideas, uniqueness, creativity. I don’t like marketing but I enjoy the strategies I use to get people like my stuff, it keeps me going! You can always try a new technique when you feel bored. Making small changes can make work feel more fun.

  • Don’t be limited to your job description; be versatile!

Sometimes is good to let go of your job description and do other things you enjoy. Try working with other departments, try new things. Identify and utilize what you enjoy doing aside your job description. For instance, you are assigned to Finance department and something interests you in the IT department, as long as it makes work fun for you and most importantly, it's contributing to the growth of your company, do it! Don’t let your job title limit your hustle. Do what you love but don’t forget to also love what you do.

  • Be grateful!

    Remember the times your boss paid your bills, that fateful day your colleague bought you lunch when they whole staff stood by you when you were in need and so many other ways the company has contributed to your life positively. The best way to pay them back is loving your job! And if you feel no one deserves your gratitude, be grateful you have a job. There are millions of unemployed people out there. Don’t be a jerk! Thank God you have one!

Don’t wait for permission to find meaning in your current job. If you can make it work where you are right now, you would save yourself a lot of trouble.