Speak As A ‘god’!

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To the ones the world has named 'barren', listen:
Never label yourself with what others call you, always be positive in your mind, thoughts, and in your words. What you do not sound, cannot bring forth anything. Meaning what you do not say, cannot produce anything. God spoke, and the heavens and earth was created. You are a god, because He created you after His image and likeness, and said to you, be fruitful, multiply, replenish, and subdue the whole earth. Never see yourself less than what God has deposited into as a son/daughter. God begets gods, the same way humans begets humans, and not mammals. You can stop a stranger from going into your room as a mother, but your son walks in boldly even without your permission. That's the power of sonship. An entitlement that is irrevocable.
Life's challenges should be common to you as believer, but it is unscriptural to be defeated. A soldier on the battle field must be familiar with the sounds of gun shots; that should never be a surprise to him. Likewise Christians; battles, challenges, and storms of should never take you by surprise, but being defeated is NOT supposed to be your norm. My father in the faith, Bishop Oyedepo declared this last Wednesday, and I caught it and ran with it. It is anti-covenant to be defeated or fail in any area of your life as a Christian.
If a rapist can rape an unknown woman, and she gets pregnant at the encounter of one sexual intercourse, and the baby comes to full birth despite all unsuccessful attempts to abort the child, how much more the ones who made a covenant before God to be man and wife? The covenant of fruitfulness MUST follow you. The blessings of must follow too.
Some women see blood during pregnancy and start panicking, alleviating the fear of losing the pregnancy early,  and agreeing with what mere men, called doctors,  say. Some doctors declare, blighted ovum, miscarriage, and all other medical names that is unscriptural, to instill fear in you, and you go home already defeated because you chorused such statements with your mouth. Even when people ask you what's wrong, you inject more power into the negative that escalate the fear, and gives it extra wings to permeate.
If you are a carrier of Jesus' blood, you should know better. The moment you gave your life to Him, and got the baptism of the Holy Spirit, you got empowered, and exchanged your blood for His. Therefore, the blood of Jesus Christ that makes alive, delivers, sets free, redeems, and overcomes, is in you, then there should NEVER be anything dead, barren, unfruitful, or shameful on the inside of you. You must tell the devil to take His hands off, and he will never return, because he knows you know your identity in God. The moment the doctor decrees, you MUST counter it with the word. You must always speak when the enemy shows up with negative thoughts.
Never ever chorus what is unscriptural. If it is not in the bible, and it if it cannot penetrate through Jesus Christ, and His blood, then it cannot penetrate through you, because your life is hidden in Christ Jesus Christ (Colossians 3:3). You are an Overcomer by the BLOOD of the lamb, and by the words of your testimony (Revelation 12:11;1 John 4:4). So it means you must NEVER shut up in situation. A closed mouth is a closed destiny!!!
Take back your authority with boldness and by living in holiness (according to Gods standard; His laws, principles, and precepts). Speak the word of God. God honors His word above His name, and will never alter any word that proceeds out of your mouth, especially if it is His word. If you are a god, then speak as one!
Debbie Kuks.
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