#Slaymama – Let’s Discuss SLAY QUEENS AND KINGS

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Hi readers; let’s talk about the latest and commonly used hashtags on social media: # slayqueen, #slayking, #slaymama and the likes.

You when you look and act so amazing, fabulous and flawless that any insult made against will slide past you and back to its origin.

Shout out to all Slay queens of our time, looking all gorgeous and flaunting dope make-up, hair dos, beautiful clothes, shoes, bags, cars and what have you just to slay on but the big question is - ARE THEY REALLY SLAY QUEENS/KINGS?

Lately, we had cases of our celebrity slay queens and kings deceiving us with pictures of accessories that are not theirs. The most embarrassing one is the story of our dear slaymama, Oge Okoye who claimed that the dogs (King and Twril) of a Hollywood star (Kenya Moore) were hers. She was denied of slaying as she was exposed by angry Nigerians.

slay mamas

Sometime in April, Mr Limpopo also wanted to slay by force when he posted a picture of money that is not his on Instagram, he even went as far as editing the picture to look like his. He was disgraced as the rightful owner who used the picture in February disgraced and called him out. A friend once told me Mercy Aigbe and Tonto Dikeh were slaying in pain, I don’t know how true that is but I know it sure makes a little sense.

I think ‘Slay queen/ king’ is a title we should all work hard to earn. Slaying is good but not by force when you don’t have what it takes to slay. Believe me, if you work hard and be yourself, you would definitely gain genuine attractions and respect like Mike Adenuga, Femi Otedola, Aliko Dangote, , Shina Peller and the likes.

All that has been said in a nutshell is the fact that you really don’t need to borrow clothes from friends or take pictures in sophisticatedly-decorated places before you slay, be yourself and save us the embarrassment of watching you fail at slaying. #slayqueen #slaymama #slayking