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Hi everyone, So yes we are back with another skincare post and today we are going to discuss on ways we can avoid acne, spots and . To some it a natural occurrence e.g time of the month for ladies and for some it has always been on their face since they hit puberty which is normal as your body is changing and adjusting but after the puberty it just tags along with you into your teens years and into your twenties then "huston we got a problem" Here are ways you can avoid developing acne, spots and pimples on your face.
  1. Special  face wash - washing your face is very important especially under the hot weather conditions with dust, dirt and bacteria flying around you need to make sure you are washing your face at least twice a day
  2. Towels - i know a lot of people who use the towel they used to clean their body to clean their face!!! this is totally WRONG and unacceptable as you are spreading dirt cleansed  from your body to your face giving bacteria space to thrive on - so have two separate towels one dedicated for the face and body ensuring you wash them every other day or better still use a paper tool to wipe your face
  3. Phones- Our phones goes through a lot each day, you are constantly pressing it, throwing it on the table, inserting it into your pockets, and so much more and this is an easy access for bacteria to crawl from your phones to your face as when you receive a phone call the phone is placed at an angle on your face to your ears and this instantly can cause a spot/pimple and the best way to avoid that happening is using a rubbing alcohol to wipe down your phone constantly or hand sanitzer. This kills germs and bacteria from thriving
  4. Pillow- changing your pillowcase every three days can drastically reduce getting a spot/pimple by 70%! the thing with the pillow is that you put your head on it which also has your hair on as well and dirt can be transferred on your pillow and your put your face on the pillow overnight and then wake up with that pimple saying "hello" ! change your pillowcase constantly!
  5. H20- drinking water can do amazing things for the like it hydrates the skin and makes it glow hence brightening up the skin! like they say "drink water and mind your business"
I hope you enjoyed today sunday skin are sunday and if you also have more suggestions on todays topic kindly leave a comment! We will be glad to hear from you! Wishing you a successful week ahead 🙂