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Happy sunday to you all,

If you are a first time reader on this platform, I say a big welcome and hope to see you frequently on here and you are not a new reader welcome back.

I  know you must be thinking "hmm this is new we have never seen this topic being talked about on here".  But yes if you have been following us on instagram you will know we have added a segment. And yes it's catering for EVERYBODY not just women, because I know guys will read this and be like "ah beauty its a woman thing jor!" No it's not ooo so come back here and continue reading.

Back to the matter, today's post is going to be short and sweet as we are going to telling you the importance of looking after your especially your face.  After all thats your selling point when you see or meet people everyday or even if it's for the first time, it should be glowing and glittering; show them you are a fine boy or girl - minus makeup effizzy o.

There are four simple steps you should essentially perform daily/weekly to ensure your skin is healthy .

WASH/CLEANSE: - Washing the skin is essential daily and at least twice a day to be precise. A common benefit of facial cleansing is the removal of dirt, oil, and other unwanted debris. Throughout the day the skin on your face is continually covered with bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dirt, and old (dead) skin cells. Daily facial washing removes these impurities to gives the skin a fresh look.

EXFOLIATE:- Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin's outermost surface. Exfoliation is involved in the process of all facials, during microdermabrasion or chemical peels. Exfoliation can be achieved through mechanical or chemical means. If you have delicate or sensitive skin, twice a week might be too much and could cause some irritation. On the other hand, if you live in a warmer climate or your skin is naturally oily, you might have to exfoliate more than twice a week to accommodate a higher buildup of dead skin cells.

TONE:- Skin toner or simply toner refers to a lotion or wash designed to cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores, usually used on the face. Toners can be applied to the skin in different ways: On damp cotton wool (this is the most frequently used method). Facial toning is a  procedure which promises to alter facial contours by means of increasing muscle tone, and facial volume by promoting muscular hypertrophy, and preventing muscle loss due to aging or facial paralysis.

MOISTURISE:- Applying a moisturizer to your face can increase the moisture level of the stratum corneum, prevent skin from drying out, and, if the moisturizer contains a sunscreen, also protect against sun damage.

Everyone has different product they use from homemade products to buying products off the shelves so far it works for you thats all that matters.

What products are you currently using on your skin. Kindly share in the comments - we would love to know!