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Sincerity carries an intensity, that touches the core of anyone that comes around it. It is an openness of heart but definitely cannot substitute for truth. Even in the stillness of the moment, sincerity has a way of emitting that mix of seriousness and honesty. Sincerity allows people to connect with you effortlessly. While, insincerity is always a weakness; it's very volatile and it's energy evaporates faster than it's being concocted. Sincerity is not an easy virtue to cultivate for most people who have one reason or the other to always short. This virtue is one of a very high quality, it is efficacious only when discreetly applied. (Constant discipline). It is possible to be sincere and hold a conviction strongly without examination. So I rather urge us to try to be honest instead, because honesty would require that one subjects one's conviction to frequent scrutiny. You and I are in this struggle to attain this virtue, because human beings at the best, are but bundles of prejudices and humors. Each day we put on a mask and we must take it off little by little, is a huge struggle. A struggle we must not give up on. I'm dealing with mine, so deal with yours.Sincerity even in error is strength. .........................Voice of Yemi Michael.