Simi Is Here To Stay; What Should Be Expected From Her ‘Simisola’ Album?

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I would describe my first contact with was very refreshing as I really did not know what to expect. Meanwhile, I have never met the petite singer in person before. How else did I meet her? On YouTube!

I stumbled on her on YouTube as I began to watch her for ‘Jamb Question’. That would be the first time actually I would enjoy an alternate form of from a Nigerian artiste. Simi simply delivered on that ‘Jamb Question’ song. Hence, my first contact with the singer was a breath of fresh air, very refreshing to note.

This encounter was two years back, in 2015, from then on Simi has been impressing with her style of music. To be very honest, the emergence of Simi made me pay lots of attention to the alternate genre of music. Her vocals are tight, very realistic and relatable lyrics and great story telling.

Little by little, the petite X3M music star has garnered lots of loyal fans with her very well crafted music and that is just a modest statement.

After thrilling us with several love-themed numbers that have shown us different sides to love, Simisola Ogunleye wants to solidify her position as a top notch songstress with her debut album. The ‘Joromi’ crooner has already put out a notice for her upcoming album which is titled after the singer, ‘Simisola’. Truly, her album is only a few days away and it is worth looking out for.

What Should Be Expected From the ‘Simisola’ Album?

Expect Alternate music that would turn mainstream

Despite the fact that Simi’s kind of music can be largely categorized as ‘Alternate Music’ her songs have been able to break out to become mainstream music. ‘Jamb Question’, ‘Love Don’t Care’, ‘Joromi’, etc., have all enjoyed commercial success which makes it some kind of mainstream music. There is no way Simi would move too far away from her genre of music on her debut album. Best bet would be to expect alternate music that would break through into the mainstream.

Expect some great storytelling

On ‘Jamb Question’ the singer questioned the tactics of her admirer to win her attention in the wittiest way made into a beautiful song. Her award winning song ‘Love Don’t Care’ emphasizes love does not discriminate at all. Simi used the most relatable circumstances to pass on the message as the song title suggests. A lover of good music can also wish for a well-written narrative of all sorts made into beautiful songs on the album.

Some good vocals that will strike a chord

Another thing one would expect would be to be treated to great vocals by the petite and graceful singer. Simi is one artist that takes her craft seriously; hence she would deliver top notch vocals on the album. There should be certain points where musical notes would strike a chord within a listener.

We should see the many sides of Simi on her debut

An album project would afford Simi all the ample opportunity to show off all her musical versatility. There are many sides to the singer that would be unveiled in the album. It is expected Simi may explore something we have not heard or seen from her before.

The ‘Simisola’ album is slated for a September 8 release date, music lovers and fans should look out for this one.


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  1. Faturoti Oluwafemi

    September 1, 2017 at 9:07 am

    SIMI is really trying, are music is wow.