Shine Your Eyes!

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There I was minding my business when a man said to me, "God said you're my wife!" I gasped, because I was not attracted to him in anyway,  nor our paths aligned in the same direction? My relationship with God never severed, so I did not expect anyone else telling me things He never revealed to me! Knowing God has made me realize He won't let someone else utter what He hasn't already told me. Most times, people come to confirm what He already unfolded. Therefore, I didn't believe what that gentleman told me, so I shoved it aside.


One thing I know for sure is God is not a wicked God, and won't give you what you are not attracted to or what your heart does not desire. He gives you what your heart has been prepared to receive! you talk to those who have been connected to their spouses by God, they will testify that He Gave them all they desired both secretly, and openly. As a matter of fact, He gives the complete package. This is how I know God won't give you a devoted christian a drunkard to marry, or someone He knows you don't have common goals with, or share same values with, or headed towards the same destination with. Most times, we are drawn by our own lustful desires, and make decisions based on our senses.


There are four major questions one need to ask before delving fully into a long term relationship, or , which are:  

  • Spiritual compatibility
  • Social compatibility
  • Physical Attractiveness
  • Intellectual compatibility.

Always ask: Are we spiritually, socially, intellectually compatible? Also, am I attracted to this person? Do I go 'gaga' whenever I see or I'm around this person? Do a self check, and be truthful to yourself. You can NEVER change anyone, so don't even attempt it!


Marriage is a lifetime commitment! It's like a criminal sentenced to imprisonment without bail. You're confined to it till eternity so you must learn to endure it's challenges. This is why it's crucial you have common interest. After sex, what else do you talk about? Are you best friends, or just sex partners? It's crucial you ask yourself these questions, and be true to yourself? Sex should be your last resort and not your forepart or leading-edge.


This is the reason you must give God your entirely to lead you aright. God knows you, and knows what he deposited in you from birth; by the time He connects you to "the one", you'll find out the person possesses all the four attributes listed above,  and much more. With no shadow of doubt, you are convinced this is your spouse.


I know of people who have been coaxed into relationships they never wanted, all in the name of God. Don't be deceived, it isn't everything tagged 'God' that is truly His. Do not allow anyone cajole you in the name of God into relationships that God never ordained for you. Therefore, stay connected to God and let Him give you hints of your future. He molded you, ingrained you with desires, embedded you with gifts and talents, and He knows the right fit for all He's deposited in you. Knowing God for yourself is the ultimate, and on this wise, "Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you."


Happy Wednesday!


Debbie Kuks. 

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