Russian Teenager Beheads His Friend For Molesting His Girlfriend At Party

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A teenage boy has bagged 6 years in prison sentence after being found guilty of murdering his friend.

As reported on Metro UK, the teenager named Nikita Rasskazov, 17, stabbed his 19-year-old friend Artyom Shustov before shortly beheading him with a barbeque knife.

Rasskazov had furiously murdered his friend after his girlfriend accused Shustov and another man of groping her during a party while she was held down by her female friend.

After executing the murder, Rasskazov showed off the decapitated head of his friend to his girlfriend which he claimed he did it out of .

A court ruled that Rasskazov should serve a sentence of six years and ten months for murder and desecrating the man’s body.