Royal Wedding: Meghan Markle’s Facialist Reveals How She’ll Make That Pre-Wedding Skin Glow

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Meghan Markle has the glowiest, smoothest, and happiest-looking I’ve ever seen. I know this because I am obsessed with the show Suits, and you don’t watch a billion hours of dimly lit, close-up shots of Meghan Markle’s face without becoming hyperaware of the fact that it’s a smooth-as-hell canvas that was most likely modeled from rainbows and silk. So, you know, everything fit for a soon-to-be-royal.

But, as it turns out, her skin is not the byproduct of magic (unless you count her really, really good genes as magic), but the incredibly skilled hands of London-based facialist Nichola Joss who Markle has attributed for her “sculpted” cheek bones and jawline, saying, “There’s a reason [Joss] is in high demand around awards season when every actress wants to look A-plus.” Which means you can bet that Joss has already started prepping Markle’s skin for her that’s only six months away, since time—and some really good facial massages—is of the essence.

And because I am but a peasant who would also like to look A-plus year-round, and also secretly be British and royal and have a starring role on Suits (guys, call me up—I’m free), I chatted with Joss to find out all of her best glowing-skin tricks and tips she’d use on a bride…or royal…to be.

In case you thought you could just start washing your face and applying a few face masks the day before your wedding and be good, you would be sadly mistaken. (I mean, you could definitely still do that, but don’t expect Markle-level results).

“If you have troublesome skin, and you need some corrective work, like if you have acne or scarring, you need to start working on a routine at least four or five months before the big day, seeing your facialist every two weeks to get your skin in the best condition you can,” says Joss, adding that you can “eventually cut it down to every three weeks, but you should still be getting regular massages between those appointments.” Which brings us to…

Massage yourself constantly.

I’m pretty sure there is not bigger advocate for massages than Nichola Joss. Joss is such a diehard massage enthusiast, that her in-depth instructions for how to massage yourself at home legitimately lulled me into a state of relaxation, which was both confusing and delightful.

“You want to start getting regular massages from the beginning of your skincare journey, since it not only helps remove the tension in the face, but it also really helps improve the texture of when you massage with a good, clean facial oil,” says Joss. One of her current favorites? Collistar Submlime Black Precious Serum and Lumity Facial Oil, but you can use a few drops of any of your favorite facial oils.

In an ideal world, you’d get Joss herself to massage your face for you, but if you aren’t her BFF or , you can still do it at home, thanks to this handy-dandy, step-by-step chart that Joss created. Print it, study it, and then watch your skin turn into a soft, glowing ball of light.

Culled from Cosmopolitan

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