Robbers Now Use POS Machine To Rob In Nigeria

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What a reader sent in: Please I write to you that you may help spread the word and fellow Nigerians may take more precautions. My colleague was robbed at home 2weeks ago at midnight. The latest is the thieves brought a POS machine to her house. Due to the latest cashless policy, people rarely keep large sums at home anymore. While her neighbour was robbed of N700k via POS, she was robbed of N350k. People are devising new ways of becoming more evil. Which makes me wonder banks actually do proper background security checks before issuing out POS terminals. Do they even check if the business is legal or existing? How far will this country sink into crime? I know a lot of people read this blog and I hope to use this medium to spread the word far, hopefully it can spark a new security awareness to fellow citizens and the banking industry. This happened to my friend and colleague. This is not a joke. This is a new reason to be more vigilant. Could you kindly put this on your blog? You may be saving a .     Thank you, Concerned Nigerian. Culled from AlabamaU2