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Have you ever wondered about space? Stellar travel, infinite realities, parallel Universes? For instance I am wondering about what I am in a parallel universe, probably a mystical creature with fangs and the power of flight, sight of an eagle and the strength of a subatomic particle in outer space… You can tell I am just all wishes and not all that geeky or sci-fi smart when it gets down to it. How do we judge geniuses? How do we decipher prodigies? Do they wear glasses with thick bifocals or do they have “train tracks” braces running right across their dentition? It’s truly hard to judge these things as from the beginning of time, Mankind has been judged based on  standards that are either one sided or unfairly classed, I am one of such who believe that academic performance should never be the only yard stick for judging intelligence or the level of a mans quotient. Where is all this coming from? Well this week, I am delving into the world of , and the Nigerian context is one in which “variety” hasn’t really been the spice of life in the last 10 to 15 years.

So back when I was in employment at the Federal University of Technology Akures’ Radio station (FUTA 93.1 FM), 2011 or there about I stumbled upon the art of a certain musical artiste who had recently been involved in a very unfortunate vehicular accident that spared his life and almost cost him his right leg, He walked into the studio  with crutches on a Friday evening, looking unshaken by the flight of stairs he had to climb just to get to the interview scheduled to celebrate a feat in his musical career, did I mention this was barely a year after the accident? He was based in Lagos at the time and he could have been interviewed over the phone, but this young man would rather risk everything to push his rather different and not so attractive (at that time) alternative forms of Music, don’t get me wrong, the music had its audience however selective or few, but most record executives at the time wouldn’t invest in a genre that wouldn’t pass for a club banger or the usual celebratory and some worth no lyrical heft but catchy tunes. Ladies and gentlemen, he was here on this day to celebrate the success of the song “Lasgidi Anthem” written, produced, and mixed by him, funny enough he was not schooled in music and had no form of formal education on sound engineering, he just loved music and he had his concepts and picked up from there, His passion became so strong it tore him up. Lasgidi Anthem had become celebrated as the sound track for the movie Last Flight to Abuja, and had won international accolades for being an original idea for a movie sound track with an infusion of Soul, Jazz, Afro beat, RnB, Neo Soul and Negro Spirituals. The music itself had some voice acting infused and that got him the admiration of all and sundry who heard the track or saw the movie. There’s more to this young man people, he had  no record label or sponsors, Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce our , Jasen Blu an unwavering alternative RnB and rap guru who isn’t going to conform and is ready to die keeping it real.

* Background & Academic History

Jasën Blu is a Nigerian Soul/R&B singer/songwriter, performer and record producer born and bred in the western suburbs of Akure, Ondo State. He attended Oyemekun Grammar School, Akure and proceeded to study Urban & Regional Planning at the Federal University of Technology in the same city, graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Technology in 2009. He moved to Lagos, late 2007 to pursue his career in music and entertainment.

* How He Stumbled On Music

Jasën Blu grew up within a family of music enthusiasts with chorister sisters and a pianist father. He started penning rap lyrics at about 11 years old and eventually discovered and developed his vocal talent upon entry to the university in 2004. He made his first set of recordings in 2005, and started independently producing records for himself and other artistes in 2007.

* So Far, Singles & Collaborations

He has since released a series of buzz songs namely "L.A.S.G.I.D.I. (Gidi Anthem)", which became the official soundtrack to Nollywood blockbuster "Last Flight To Abuja" in 2012, garnering great reviews and airplay in Nigeria and in the UK, "Song About You" in 2014 (which also garnered airplay on some European radio platforms), "The Prelude" in 2015, which served as a taste into his debut album which he was recording at the time, "BluPanda", one of the few if not the only R&B re-fix of American rapper Desiigner's monster hit "Panda" produced by Menace, and most recently, his very first official promotional single "Already", which received rave reviews on its February 14, 2017 arrival and is currently enjoying good airplay on Nigeria radio.

* Projects, Past and Present

Blu has since announced the on-going process of his debut album in 2015. Now more than two years in the making, the album, which he has dubbed the "greatest Soul/R&B ever yet made in Africa" by all factors, may be nearing completion according to a very recent Instagram post by the singer/record producer. Under the working title "BluLife", the project (produced in its entirety by Jasën Blu himself) has confirmed contributions from his immediate peers and collaborators like producer Daccoustic who played multiple instruments on several tracks, verses from Shynetown rappers Newton and MC Lauda, background vocals by female vocalist Molade and also singer Levi, but has yet to hint at any input by any major artiste. Besides his own project, Blu has made major artistic contributions to other artistes' projects, serving as mixing engineer and co-producer on Newton's unreleased 2012 EP and Rhook Castle's soon to be released "Rhook's Gambit EP", as well as production and writing credits to various other artistes' singles and mixtapes. His own debut album is due to be released in the later parts of 2017.

* Record Label

Jasën Blu runs and operates under his indie label Nubiana Records founded in 2012. Under this entity he runs the Record production, TV/Movies/Animations Soundtrack and Soundscape production, Graphic Design, Brand Development and Lifestyle company, Mental MagiQ Digital Emotions which has also been responsible for works on a series of Nigerian TV productions and media contents. Via MMDE, Blu signed up with British-Nigerian movie director Obi Emelonye's The Nollywood Factory to score the sound to Africa Magic's 2015 television series, "The Calabash", amidst other top-notch productions.

* Influences

In other times, Blu has cited his musical influences from Africa and beyond in greats like Fela Kuti, Michael Jackson, Lagbaja, R. Kelly, D'Angelo, Usher Raymond and Tank, as well as producers Quincy Jones, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Trackmasters, The Underdogs, Timbaland, DJ Premier, Johnny J, and Cobhams Asuquo. In composition, he's mostly inspired by life, situations and human spirituality, and has described himself as an experimentalist and limitless creative as per sound and art.

* Dreams and Aspirations

Jasën Blu aspires to become a household name and historical figure in worldwide music, as well as drive positivity, possibilities, hope, unity and landmark achievements in music and art.

Quite the read yeah? Jasen is willing to give you a taste of his craft you can find his music on these links:

Jasën Blu – L.A.S.G.I.D.I   and for all other downloads;   Connect with Jasën Blu online:   Instagram: @jasenblu |   Twitter: @jasenblu |   Facebook: @jasenblu |   * Booking Details   24/7 Phone: +2347012319852 Email:   Our search doesn’t end with Jasen, the diamonds are still in the rough, and you know them; eat with them; go to work with them or just bought something from them, they deserve to be the diamonds in the sky. Point them in my direction and I will do the rest. Tag @i_amt8710 on twitter and on Instagram @t8710Chazown. Divide and conquer, the World is ours for the taking. T8710